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  1. Hey, I have a question about the reversed Emily clips: Why did they start getting serious after the first few? You never hear them normally in game I think... Also, I think she should have said, in the boss chamber, in reverse: To win the game you must kill me, John Romero. Then again, you already did have a few doom references. And, looking back, the final boss did remind me of DOOM II, some Romero spawning baddies while you have to destroy him... it's a stretch, but kind of makes sense...
  2. You are cute when scared to death. You have no idea how smelly this dress is. Lolnice. Also NIGHTMARE HOUSE 3 WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE MOON!
  3. I'll take a stab at it, lemme just get my demo recording gear ready. I was going to do one of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but I won't be able to do that until I get an email back due to some difficulties... Someone did one of the original map pack on machinima one time I believe. EDIT: The demo crashed at a point on all high and there were a few problems, I'm either gonna wait for a patch, wait until I get around to getting another computer, or just take another stab at it tomorrow.
  4. I played it with headphones, so I think I'm good, But didn't you guys screw around with the subtitle system to scare people? Also, when I saw the mannequins, I thought "This must have been an elaborate prank pulled off by one of the staff here. He probably got fired for it." as if there was a freeman's mind style playthrough of this.
  5. Just finished it. I had stumbled upon the game not too long ago. I played the flash nightmare house a long time ago, along with the Jason one. Those were great. But this? This is getting mod of the year no doubt (well, unless Black Mesa decides to release this year ) with its well paced gameplay with fighting and puzzles, and although the enemies were just HL2 ai with other models strapped on, the puzzles were unique, especially considering the limitation of the lack of the gravity gun. The graphics seemed very good, even with my crappy integrated graphics chip running the game at 640x480. It didn't even lag, well, save for some heavy action parts. But the funny thing is it looked better than Half-life 2 at the same resolution. I run the pre orange box engine stuff fine on pretty high graphics at 800x600, but the orange box engine doesn't like my computer. But, in HL2, everything seemed very jagged at that resolution. Here, strangely, not at all. As for the scary factor, I'd say it starts out about as scary as doom 3, then winds down towards the ending. Overall, amazing game. However, was I supposed to leave the subtitles on? I turned them off when I realized they were on, thinking "I'm not deaf nor from another country!" but apparently it added to the atmosphere or something...
  6. Ok, so the source update broke Nightmare house remake... or did it? There is a way to fix this. Simply go into gameinfo.txt (the one in the NHr folder) and you will see: SteamAppId 240 Change the 240 to a 215. Then, it should work! Have fun!
  7. I have some doubts that was intentional. This was at the part around the very end of this video: The wall is solid and portal able. I restarted the game and loaded up the save file but it was still there. I even used noclip, and nothing was behind the wall. Now it seems I can't continue. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?