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  1. You guys gotta stop the necroposting. Seriously.
  2. Heh, good luck with that...
  3. *knock knock* "anybody home?"
  4. I've been teaching myself C# and xna. Just finished my breakout clone I gave myself as a project. You guys have any ideas for a slightly more ambitious project?
  5. Just wanted to put in my five cents about these games, I find that personally I dislike the high-action guns blazing "call of duty" vibe that has recently plagued the series, as I firmly believe that one of my favorite first person shooters ever was CoD4, the first modern warfare. I liked it because the gameplay was more balanced, guns were more or less equals, and you didn't get really crazy awesome guns, well besides the p90 which was banned from a lot of the servers I played on. I have though, loved the battlefield games from the start, because they were different. Their whole game style was focused on teamwork and cooperation. I find that is what is lacking from most modern games, but I remember having great times with friends, just by going through and using teamwork, and games tended to last much longer than 5 minutes or whatever the new call of duty games do. I believe the way the games are focused builds the community, and while battlefield has focused on teamwork, call of duty has created a game where people feel like they need to get the highest score, the most kill streaks, and overall be the best.
  6. No, no it can't.
  7. I'm gonna see if i can snag it for free How do you plan to do that? I know people, people who work for alienware. It is because of these people that I obtained Duke Nukem forever, and Dead Island free. So this is how I plan to do that, although I have no idea if that will actually work. But I'm 97.3% sure I can get MW3.
  8. I'm gonna see if i can snag it for free, just built a new computer which hopefully can run it. If i can't get one though i'll probably just buy it in a week or two.
  9. Hay Ethan, you have invites to google+? And I'm also trying my hand at making some maps for portal 2, but the worst part is being extreme adhd and like giving up after 10 minutes of working on a level.
  10. in such a modern world, it is impossible to have many new ideas, i mean two of my original ideas that i have had have been started or already thought up by somebody else. (thats over half of them!!!) Obama said it is time for change and i say we should get rid of the interwebz.
  11. Went to a concert for these guys last night.
  12. What's sleep?
  13. Sounds fun, i'd need to know when though.
  14. Let's hope you didn't bought the Gamestop version. The horrible skins. The horrible skins are free, and stupid people there lied to me about stuff. Anyways beat it. One question though, how many emails has Ido/Hen gotten to make portal 2 TFV?
  15. I hate myself for not buying the steam version.
  16. Well screw you guys, I went to bed just before it came out. I hate midnight releases.
  17. Valve's continuation to make a sequel of any and every game that they can get rights on... except Ricochet. DotA 2 info
  18. Playin the portal tfv map pak again

  19. for peops who wanted to know, 2 gig ram, 2.13 GHz dual core processor, 32 bit operating system with a Radeon X1300/X1550 Series GFX card.
  20. I'mma just leave this here.
  21. Just finished alan wake, planning on trading it in, anyone here know if the writer was a good dlc, cause if not I'mma trade it in and get portal.
  22. Not at it right now, as I can say, it runs crysis 1 on low quality, l4d2 on medium, and almost runs black ops ok on lowest.
  23. Question, will my oldish compy run portal 2?
  24. Damn, my desktop is worse than popcornman's laptop. Been thinking of getting another computer to replace it, as I'm told that getting a new graphics card that would actually work in my computer would be hard or impossible.