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  1. I played it 'till I reached chapter 3 with a friend talking to me on the mic while I could just type (my headphone broke :/), it didn't help much lol, but I think I'll get used to the atmosphere after some time, I'll continue playing the game tomorrow.
  2. Hi, I have been waiting for the release of NH2, but then I realized I am a wuss It looks awesome and I want to play but I don't want to get scared by being surprised by something during the gameplay. Can someone give me a motivation to play this?
  3. one thing that I think that nightmare house needs is a "boss battle", like the tanks from the l4d, or the antlion guard from hl2, a big moster with a lot of health and the attack do a lot of damage, that could appear in some moments, to make the mod harder and with more action, it would be fun! also, I think it could have huge boss battle like the garguanta from hl1, or those monsters in hl1 that idk the name, they are green and huge, and come out from a hole in the ground well, something like that, a huge monster that you will need to do something special to kill him, shooting at him won't work, this will make the mod more challenging and interesting to play ps.: sorry if my english is bad, I'm brazilian