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  1. if you look to the right of the porch at the start of the remake, there is a tombstone. When you go into the cellar and around, the body falls right under the tombstone. So, is that the girls body?
  2. <br style="text-shadow: none;"><br style="text-shadow: none;">I noticed it a while ago, but I didn't really think it was worth mentioning on the forums. I thought it was just coincidence that it sounded like that, although it WAS creepy as fuck.. <br style="text-shadow: none;">
  4. First of all, nobody hates it. It's just that it's difficult to use, so most of us are moving to UDK or something. Second, to answer your question.. Assuming you have basic knowledge of I/O systems, here's what you need to do. First of all, place a env_message/env_text(may vary depending on your version of hammer/OS.) with the text you desire. Then name it something appropriate like "Character_thoughts" or "Character_thoughts_1a" if you plan on more than one. Now, go to the door and open the outputs tab. Add an output. In the input field, put "OnLocked" or "OnFailToOpen" and in the output field, after you've put in that the target entity is Character_Thoughts, have the output as "DisplayMessage" Or "ShowText" or "ShowMessage" and you're done!
  5. is leaving the Source Engine for the UDK

  6. The whispering noise when the girl walks by gave me a boner. To me the whispering sounded like "I will kill you" in Bulgarian language, but it was probably me Not a boner in a sexual sense; a boner in the sense that it sounded fucking awesome.
  7. The whispering noise when the girl walks by gave me a boner. This mod is going to make me shit my pants, I can sense it. Also, did anyone else notice how it flashes from "coming soon" to "coming very soon" in the trailer?
  8. Oh yea, they're being left behind. That's why "Source Engine" is one of the first results if you type in "source" in Google. Nah, source is still VERY popular. It's not behind at all-youmad, bro.
  9. Wow.
  10. Whats that? you don't like witches?
  11. Funny, I can't tell what the fuck it is.
  12. As some of you already may know, I am making a modification for half-life 2 and I want to use CS:S content in it. Thus, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to mount the content. If you want to see my mod, see this. Thank you! Also, if you have any particular talents (coding, modeling) I need your help here. This is just a mod for fun and to hone my modding skills, so I can't pay anyone who does help me. Sorry.
  13. The year is 2068. Things have changed.(LOL MUTANT RAMPAGE: BODY SLAM REFERENCE.) Cops wear protective suits and masks. Civilians have hardly any rights. The government is oppressive and secretive, and its police force is the same. the player is with the media, and he is doing an investigation into a brutal murder in the downtown district. When the cops refuse to tell him anything, he decides to do his own investigation into the house. However, he is trapped in the house by the government when he learns that they were using the house to develop a means of mind control. The player has learned too much. The government has ordered him disposed of. Escape the house alive. Created by Ian Shields Weapon list: Crowbar Type:Improvised Weaponry Use:Tool, weapon Clip size:0 Range:Short Pistol Type:Firearm Use:Weapon Clip Size:16 Range:Medium Frag Type:High Explosive Use:Weapon Clip Size:5 Range:Varies Enemy List Policeman Type:Human Weaponry:Pistol,H&K MP7, Surgical Strike Unit Danger level:Varies Headcrab Type:Genetically Engineered Parasite Weaponry: Bite, Claws Danger level:Medium in great numbers, low on their own Zombie Type:Viral Mutant Weaponry: Claws, Thrown Objects Danger level:Medium for normal, High for fast, OH SHI- for Poison. "The Project" Type:??? Weaponry:TBA Danger level:OH SHI- Interacting With Objects: Books You can read books to get information on things. A good example is in one part of the game, you need to enter the laboratory to find out what the "project" is. A book you can find will tell you where the key is hidden. This is aimed towards being a realistic mod; you will not find bazookas and combat shotguns lying in a room next to a body. You will be using realistic weaponry for your station in life; A pistol and a crowbar, and a smg1. Investigative Journalism is an singe-player action/horror mod I am working on. I am open to assistance; What I could use currently is a Modeler and possibly a voice actor. If you are interested, post here or email me some samples of your work @ [email protected] . NOTE: This is a non-profit project. I have no money to pay you, so if you want to be payed, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. YOU WILL BE DENIED.
  14. Sometimes I do Merry Christmas, by the way
  15. "I cant wait to play nightmare house 2 jesus ive only been waiting half of a year while others, around 2 or 3." Guess how long I've been waiting?
  16. In nightmare house, who is the girl who is trying to kill you? I know she's undead-thats obvious. I want to know something about "The houses horrific past." can you tell me, or will NH 2 reveal this?
  17. The only part that actually scared me was the part where your walking across the hallway and suddenly the girl appears roaring and you drop. NOTE: there is actually a glitch here. I ran up to where the trigger was and then leaped back and managed to stay up there on a VERY tiny jut of land. I also managed to get a good look at the girl while doing this.
  18. I think adding some humor to the mod would be nice, for example, you find a locked door you need to go through in the mental hospital next to the parcel distribution thing, and you ring the bell for shipping clerk. When you ring the bell, a zombie comes and breaks: A. the locked door B. the parcel distribution counter. thats an idea from one of my maps
  19. Its actually quite simple. Modelling and scripting aside, it would be easy to have them come out the wall. Just have a secret pocket in the wall where the monster is, and set it to "start asleep." put a func_detail over the pocket that is textured the same as the rest of the wall. Then, behind the func_detail, put a block textured to nodraw, and set it to be passable by monsters only(alternatively, once the player triggers the monster to wake and attack, the nodraw can be set to a func_wall_toggle and toggle on when the monster is out.) Also, have said monster set to give out a sped-up, louder version of the FZ scream.
  20. Nightmare Houses's remake is based on CSS, right? how do I do this?
  21. Can you email me the script, or what you used, @ [email protected]?
  22. Ideas I had: In the shadows you should have creatures hiding (the girl, a zombie, whatever) that don't attack but just watch you. Unnerve the player with the feeling that they're being watched. If the player focuses on the hider, the hider blurs out like it was never there, leaving the player wondering if he is seeing things or if it was real. Another thing, one of the enemies in F.E.A.R I liked best were the Nightmares, those shadows that fly at you and if you shoot them dissipate. You should have some kind of enemy that does that in a similar manner, and if it reaches you, it goes into your body and poisons you like a poison headcrab. However, if you shoot it before it reaches you, it blurs out into the shadows it came from. I think this is good because you could have them coming from the walls where there are shadows, where the player wouldn't expect. After all, who expects a monster to come from a perfectly empty space? Oh, and make them SCREAM when they appear. The player will be frightened and disorientated, trying to determine the source of the scream, and all the while the shadow swoops down upon you. Also, in some parts of the building, it should be raining indoors. That is well and truly insane. Have puddles, and have reskinned headcrabs come out of the puddles where the player doesn't expect it. Have a dark, shadowy, bloody, broken, evil, scary-looking door at the opposite end of the room. Then, when the player steps between two large puddles, headcrabs leap out at him.
  23. And if the player doesn't turn? Think about it. You are in a dark scary house. There are monsters in the house. There is a noise behind you. Would you not turn and look? If they didn't turn for whatever reason and they keep going, then they don't see the scares. (refer to above post, "Its really what you DON'T see in a haunted building that scares you." Its not too much of a hassle to map. Also if the player doesn't turn around, have it so that they need to come back to the hallway later on in the game, and then have it changed.