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  1. you should have a part were you are entering a room, and over the radio one of your partners is talking normally, telling you to come in, saying he found something and needs your help. when you go in the lights turn on, your partner is standing there, he leads you to the "thing" (just choose something) and then as you help him (depends on the thing how u help him obviously) and when your done, hes gone the lights break, you here moans you run to a hall that wasn't there before (because its the only place with light). but when you get to the door ate the other end, it moves away into blackness (cant remember exactly what u use for this) and you turn around, the hall got a lot shorter and your partners body falls from the ceiling and your shoved back into the blackness. then you wake up on the floor and your partner is trying to get you up. he found the rest of the team (or here dead bodies) and you continue on from there. also if you don't go to the hall something kills you (once again depends on the situation).
  2. i think u should make a second portal the flash with a map editor PLEASE?! PLEASE?!! PPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAASSEE? any way this is for ideas if u going to if not then useless
  3. were valve shop? is it real cause i want COMPANION CUBE!!!
  4. and people who thin your a block of cheese with a hat and people that think you dont exist ... and people who dont exist
  5. umm how 'bout "people who dont care"
  6. yes, oranges like the cara cara are what i talk about... NOW in something completely UNralated CHEASE... CHEASE WITH A HAT! and a... PLANE... A PLANE ON A SNAKE! COMING OUT IN THE FUTURE AT STORES NOWHERE NEAR U
  7. 156767 $text = 'tara tara oranges' lol just testing code thing i dont think i did it right
  9. i will tal afout oranges i will talk about oranges.