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  1. WoW, thanks for all that room guys.

  2. rofl, for moment there i thought you said ".eXeC you segfault" pong"
  3. All I rather say for now is that it's different (and special, did I say that already?). =) I'm pretty sure it is a windows standalone Itamar, but if you say so...
  4. Now it's in a "special" pre-alpha stage... and I think hebrew names do work well. I just like the name Noobay, dunno why but it's just it, you can call me Adar if that rings your bell
  5. Nice to see you came all the way here Itamar, releasing this "special" game package made by "special" people, such an amazing effort you've put into this. And... HAIZORs!
  6. Yes I did/do, I just find it too time consuming, mainly because of all the math involved. and modeling-wise I do too... YoutubeChannel
  7. Hey! I'm... not a bot!? *ponders about existence*
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, and I'll be sure to call you if I need anything 3D done nestel34.
  9. Hi, you might know me, but I don't know you . well it would be really awkward if you do know me Hi kids, my name is Barney Hi, this is my first post here(Kind of...) and I'll try to make this a quick one. My name is Adar, and I'm working on game engine in C++ using DirectX(9), Here I post some graphics API/Library-independent code from the engine ->HERE!!!115threethreethree (I am a programmer, not a designer, I know my CSS and graphics aren't the prettiest ) Here are some games I made with my engine, technical showoff mostly(Please read the "Read_Me_or_Die" instructions text first), ->Hey! look! you can actually click on this! ain't it amazing?! Note that the engine does support 3D, I only use it for 2D now because this is the style of my upcoming game(work will start when I finish the engine), I'll just say that the story involves the Milky Way giving God some bad gas... At any rate... puts("Hello World");
  10. I am so going to get this game...