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  1. Thanks for the comments, I put in another link to a new version, it's much better.
  2. Hey there. For the past few days I've been working on a Fruitninja-type game, but with Yemenite food. Yeah. Yemenite in Hebrew is "Teymani", so obviously the game's called "Teymaninja". You need to cut the Yemenite foods and avoid cutting the Gefilte fish. This was developed with C# and XNA, so you'll have to install the XNA Framework to play it. Here's the game, and here's an easier version. Update: here's a new version, it now includes arcade gameplay with freeze, frenzy and more. Hit enter to go full-screen. So... lemme know what you think.
  3. it's just a jump to the left!

  4. Great ideas, I'd love playing Echoes multiplayer...
  5. Awesome. all of it. The only thing the bothers me a bit is the length of the dialogues.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against an interesting and complex plot, but having to listen to several minutes of talking between each mission is quite brutal.
  6. All I rather say for now is that it's different (and special, did I say that already?). =) If it's a MUD I'm kicking someone in the crotch. Don't worry, it's not a MUD.
  7. thanks for the replys, I think I'll keep this username for now. =) All I rather say for now is that it's different (and special, did I say that already?). =)
  8. Hello, my name is Itamar, I'm from Israel and I'm a programmer, mostly C# and PHP, but some occasional ActionScript 3 here and there. Currently working on a few projects, one of them is a "special" game package I'm building with my friend and we've had several conversations with Ido about bringing it here, we'll see what happens with that. =) so.... what's up? Edit: woops, I think I should have put this in General Discussions forum... sry
  9. im great :D how are youz?