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  1. It's finished because Hen went and fixed it up for the Lost Files post release. Ask him about it sometime, the version I sent off to him was a bit of a mess
  2. Tracktrain, probably. The doors will have been parented to it. Player gets close (ie enters a trigger volume), scoot the entire wall back. A small FOV change was also done at that point (env_zoom); don't forget that. And the sound, obviously, which is just an ambient_generic.
  3. Gist of it is that wall_toggle is simply quicker to use. Func_brush has a lot of options, but in this situation they're not needed, so it's faster to just use func_wall_toggle instead. The 'when you look away' part will be trigger_look entities.
  4. Considering that things like trigger_look (which NH2 uses extensively) doesn't even *work* in MP... I'd expect this to be glitchy as hell. For one thing, I don't think there'll be any player models...
  5. For fun with an npc we sadly didn't have a chance to actually use (but as far as I know, is fully modelled and coded), try turning on cheats and entering: npc_create npc_nh_creeper Be sure to do it somewhere with a lot of contrast in lights
  6. nomnomnomnomnom
  7. I know of at least one for definite (because I snuck it in; take a good look at the Doctor/Surgeon nametags) and three others that Hen told me about. That's off the top of my head.
  8. *takes a bow* Thanks for all the kind words!
  9. Exec 'leaked' it to the WCS Chatroom. We're having some slight server issues preventing it being released officially just yet.
  10. Progress update! .eXeC!: Hen .eXeC!: where the fuck art thou Hen7: back Hen7: and im all wet and naked [JB]Guessmyname: Yay TigerboyPT:
  11. Tea as in 'evening meal'. Also, I now has NH2. Mwahahahahaha.
  12. Hen's internets are amusingly slow. I have literally made and eaten tea after the upload started, and it's still going now. Also: This song is best song:
  13. I... we're done? As in, it's complete? O_o This feels wiiieeeeeeerd...
  14. Yes. Hinting would be too subtle.
  15. Have I ever mentioned that Hen7 is scarily dedicated? Because Hen7 is scarily dedicated.
  16. *loots corpse*
  17. Beat Exec. Woot!
  18. Unless I've missed something (which does happen), Modelling should be 100% done. Now to see if I can add to that on the 'it's not necessary, but it would be nice if...' side of things.
  19. And it is at this conjecture that I, the sole on-team modeller, would like to announce that I am fleeing to Germany to live as a hermit, stick-wielding luddite!
  20. Damnit, someone noticed. EDIT: There is prop_scalable, but that's for special cases (I think it was used for that Ep1 glow-ey combine reactor ball thing)
  21. To be perfectly honest, you're the one wasting your time. Seriously, don't you have anything better to do? If trying to troll a small 'net forum is all you've got for entertainment in your life, you have my pity.
  22. Somehow, we appear to have made people utterly incapable of doing anything but moan and claw for it's release (which, I must say, is deliciously ironic for a mod involving zombies...); Hen, are you secretly encoding subliminal messages into the trailers to ensnare the weak minded? Alongside all the other subliminal messages, I mean. Seriously, it seems we've made the modding equivalent of crack or something.
  23. Go huff it then.
  24. Um... ...I'm sorry, are you requesting screenshots? Fake ones? Buh?
  25. *whistles in an innocently incriminating manner*