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  1. Its been a while since I commented, well, actaully, A REALLY long while! I'm reinstalling NH2, I saw a few easter eggs and bugs people did on youtube I never saw. Anyways, I have one easter egg I found in the official trailer. If you pause RIGHT AT THE RIGHT TIME when the elevator falls down, you can see Emily's ghost.
  2. Never saw it before. But do as the mail says. Or end up in Davey Jones Locker.
  3. Once in the day time, I heard the phone, I answered it, after a few seconds, I heard a growl and the windows broke and woke up in the bed. It scared the livings out of me.
  4. Emily married Romero. So theres no way Jake married her.
  5. I saw the scary face in the clouds. Very weird...
  6. When I went in the attic and saw "her" I was so scared I never went in the attic again.
  7. Aaaaand you think that slow mode wasn't enough in
  8. No, but if you want to see a unofficial sequal(Really a Prequal), Look here:
  9. Well your helping the creator of UH make the mod.
  10. I thought it was kinda F.E.A.R.-ish with the nightmare girl and the scary events.
  11. I honestly didn't know anything about Emily if she was good or not. If she wanted your help, she shouldn't of had been scaring you so much, she should of done something nice, otherwise, I wouldn't of had trusted her. Also, the ending I first did was leaving the hospital. It looked like the end, I didn't know the elevator could still go down more. I thought when Emily killed you in that ending, I thought it was the end, till I came to the forums. Then I did the right ending. (Did I really need to include all this) Anyways, my real answer was: I... DON'T.... KNOW!
  12. I saw another NH2 easter egg in the mail box, a mail I got was a check up letter or something from D. Romero from Never Lose Hope Hospital.
  13. It may have a purpose in chapter 1 when the house will be upgraded.
  14. It was used in a secret map in NH2 called this_is_not_a_easter_egg. Go in the console and type: map this_is_not_a_easter_egg
  15. Something I'd like to know, why doesn't Romero's and Swat's voice sound work? I cannot hear anything from them. ( I'm using the levels in GMod )
  16. The process on the mod i going very....very slowly... From the start from the summer i decided to trow the original script over, and I'm at this point working allot on the script for speed up development, since i am completely alone on this project i have to do everything step by step, but i do have some little media because of you guys support to keep this alive http://www.filefront...oykes%20log.odt sry for the delay on the comments, i don't get many so i don't check allot here lol I must ask. What type of color correction did you use?
  17. CRAP! BULL CRAP! Something is wrong when I set up NH2 On the SDK: When I spawned Emily in the SDK Level Editor, Sometimes, ONly her head shows up, The hammer grid doesn't show up sometimes, and some walls are invisible. What do I do to fix this?! I really want to make a level with this! Edit: I followed this tutorial to add the mod(Its Obvouisly what was recommended in the readme file) : http://developer.val...l_Configuration Edit: If it doesn't help to solve my problem, this is whats in the configuration: NOTE: I was not in the Source SDK so I just went into the gameconfig.txt, Hope you understand it! Another Note: I added the stuff that I think was important, please tell me if theres something else you need to see. FGDs I added were: base.fgd halflife2.fgd nh2.fgd sdk.fgd GameExe: USERNAME-->half-life 2hl2.exe GameExeDir: USERNAME-->half-life 2 MapDir: sourcemods-->NH2-->maps BSPDir: sourcemods-->NH2-->maps GameDir: sourcemods-->NH2 ---------------------------------------------------- So Thats what I made for the NH2 Configuration. I hope you awesome people can fix it! Ask for anything else if you need more things to know about it.
  18. I was able to play nightmare house 2 levels by mounting the game with a addon for GMod: Gm_Mount2. Its better than copying all that stuff into GMod.
  19. The Vids were removed. I liked them.
  20. Atleast Underhell is coming for some fun!
  21. Poor Annoucer. She was burned to death and splat. I wonder how she died. ( Lol, Maybe the Annoucer and Emily are Zombie Friends! )
  22. Its a easter egg in the game.
  23. And exactly, your trying to tell us your making fan-made NH3? IDK what your saying. Can you atleast say what this mod is about?
  24. About coding, how did you code those new zombies? I'd like to know.