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  1. Source is utilized for mid range PCs anyway. About 99% of the source game I play, I have on max specs with 8x AA and 16x atmosphere. I'm at a usual 60-55 fps the whole time. And when I said it runs gta I meant it runs 60fps of medium and like 35-45 on high. If you want another good example it runs the assassins creed brotherhood on max. This is why I was surprised when I was having trouble with this game, but what you said about the multi threading makes sense and I should have thought of that sooner. while I appreciate the help I and anyone else you help in the future would appreciate it if you were less condescending about it. While reading your post I was almost tempted to just skip it because of the way you were saying it. And to liven my post up....When you have to use the water closet you have to pause the game....I don't! That makes me superior!
  2. omg that helped a ton. Its still a lil choppy in gunfights with render chokes like the last gunfight but overall alot smoother experience thanks also, you have probably already tried but any programmers that were working for the NH team?
  3. my graphics driver is up to date hl2,ep1, ep2, cs verified and at 0% fragment do you have an md5sum I can check? its a brand new laptop, 500gb, and I autodefrag every 2 months what about a way to disable the blur because that seems to be the worst thing happening at the moment. the bullet lag is manageable, but in a high render choked area, the blur lag gets ridiculous. and i know this is very doubtful but any plans to port it to another engine build? perhaps portal 2's or the 07 engine? cause it seems like this mod will span quite a few releases and it would really suck for me if they are all smod and i couldn't do anything about the lag :-/
  4. I have a laptop that can run gta4 on medium. Yet this mod gave me so much trouble. At some points I was so out of the experience I would just quit. The blur is WAYYYYYY overdone, and every time someone fires I get lag. For all I know its prolly how smod handles processing but it was just so annoying and I was wondering if there was a fix. I have seen vids that look like they are not experiencing lag so it may just be my setup so ill list that too. 1.6x4gh processor 4g ram ATI Mobility Radion 5650 unziped the folder already had 2006base installed(later reinstalled with no fix) threw folder in source mods ran it lag anyone else experiencing something like this?
  5. Woot I got SDK running on my new computer! Hammer was all like WTF with my ATI5650. You guys probably don't remember me. Hen probably only remembers me as the guy who found the nightmare house girl's boobs...but anyway, yet again, I have a question. I posted it on the Steam Fourms and I wana see if you guys can offer any ideas aswell. Thanks and UnderHell looks fucking sweet!
  6. "You sick fu*k! She's dead!" *** hey popcornman, is it alright if you scale your signature down a bit or put it in spoiler tags? thanks. fixed*
  7. "You sick fu*k! She's dead!" ***
  8. I was only disappointed by two things... Everything else was just perfect. 1. Please change the vignetting filter(the black fade in) for the hud. It's not a bad idea its just you guys need a little less :/. 2. Bummer:( hen wised up... Also, hi everyone! long time! Also hen... can I sample your sounds for myself?
  9. normal mods? and no ep2 mods are broken cause the reason the old mods(ones that run ep1 engine) are broken is because valve made them run under the OB engine(ep2's engine) which handles scripts and scenes differently(idk how)
  10. I know just about any ep1 source engine game that had scenes was fucked all the hell so in other words... all the good mods
  11. hen could u post the workaround please?
  12. rockstar needs to work on one thing and one thing only.... GTA:D end of story
  13. is it like just completely black grid views? cause thats what im having
  14. please god if I never see another ak47 in a game it will be too fucking soon><
  15. prediction = epic fail