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  1. Oh, and this has been the first issue I've seen so far. No missing textures or anything like that.
  2. Loving the map pack so far! I'm in the part where you're crawling through a long portion of vents with views of a large boat with Aperture Science shipping crates loaded onto it. Unfortunately, right when I try to jump out of the vents and finally get out of the rat maze, Portal crashes. The suspense is killing me. From reading the forums, I'm guessing the first thing you're going to say is that HL2 is required to play the Portal TFV map pack due to shared resources of some kind. I own a copy of HL2 on my Win 7 bootcamp partition, but as you may know HL2 isn't playable yet on my Mac yet. I know that I could just load the map pack on my Win7 partition and replay up to that point, but I was hoping to avoid that. Any chance you fellas might have some workaround for us Mac users until Valve releases HL2 for mac?