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  1. I just think it would be easier to improve, fix bugs, and EVERYONE at moddb wants achievments. And it would make it more "integrated and professional". Email => [email protected]
  2. Reputation -4972 BAD!


  3. Getting Nightmare House 2 onto the Steam Store (plus achievements etc...) I'm willing to make achievements and icons (graphics) and maintain stuff to do with this? If you can help with anything that would be great, plus ideas for achievements etc. Im not good at coding and have little understanding with Hammer, but do have good Photoshop skills! So if you have anything post it here! NB: Hen, am i allowed to do this and stuff? If not just remove it.. Sorry!
  4. Speaking of bugs, noone probably cares about this but there are a few spelling mistakes! Ill try and list them all later...
  5. Hen, i found another Egg, the one where you are in the main desk and you noclip behind it and walk down the corridor to a survellience room. And the voice says "I do not wish you to see me like this, please leave now!".
  6. ROFLcopter, garry's mod is a lifesaver for comics. NH2 + GMOD would be epic. Edit: I only just noticed the cigarette in his mouth...
  7. Awesome game, played it like 5 times now! <muted snigger from development team> As for all the easter eggs, rofl. You guys did a great accomplishment with Hammer Editor, I could never do anything like that. Congrats!
  8. You know, I actually bothered to google that to check...