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  1. I had wanted to leave it installed, so that I could show my friends when they visit. A lot of them picked up Portal when it was free, and I'm trying to convince everyone who did so to play TFV as well (it's the only mappack I recommend). This is why I'm trying to get it running on OSX (my media computer, in the living room on the big TV) when it would be easier to get it running on Windows (my bedroom computer) [although, THAT computer DOES have HL2 installed already]. I don't need to play TFV for myself, I already did that a long long time ago. It was excellent, which is why I want everyone to see it. How about this: I know when a Source game is installed, there are a bunch of gigantic resource files. Is there one in particular that has the stuff that TFV needs? Because, I can just leave that in there when I uninstall the rest of HL2. I don't need to know the actual resources involved, I just want the 50 meg add-on to not turn into a 5 gig exercise.
  2. Are you saying that if I install HL2 and run it once, somehow the resources necessary for TFV MapPack will remain when I uninstall HL2? How.... could that possibly work?
  3. I own Portal and HL2, and with the release of the mac versions, want to put TFV on as well. The problem is hard drive space. HL2 is 4762mb on the mac, which is a lot just to play a Portal mappack. Surely not all 4762mbs are used by TFV? Is there a way to find out what resources are needed from HL2, and only taking those out of my HL2 installation? I have enough room to put HL2 on right now, but wouldn't want to keep it installed full time. The other solutions mentioned (installing the HL2 Demo, or Lost Coast) won't work for me, as those haven't been ported to OSX yet.