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  1. you are nearly the end.
  2. He have the key, to something that we haven't know yet
  3. The Barretta pistol with silencer, I have fun popping heads with it
  4. xDDDD I am dying of laugher xD
  5. I think no, doing that could just "for the lulz"
  6. Already tell the guys in Black Mesa Forum
  7. Sorry Mxthe, I tried my best to look for his card and didn't suceed lol. Will try again sometime since this game(It is worthy to be called a game) is so addicting somehow
  8. For me, I always get to a dead end, back facing way. Pull my pistol out and taking headshots. Saved me many times lol
  9. Edit: never mind. Found it.
  10. No, it is spirit of the Charles lol. If you know Spike and Barley. You would know what am I talking about.
  11. Start watching from 10:00 and I bet you will have some good laugh
  12. Aren't his wife is Japanese?
  13. Shit, now you remind me of that. I am scared to play the future chapters now.
  14. Dude! I hope I have a good mic and I will do it.
  15. The guy think "Goodbye..." when he put "her" stuff in the trash can, how deep does he love "her"...