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  1. you are nearly the end.
  2. He have the key, to something that we haven't know yet
  3. The Barretta pistol with silencer, I have fun popping heads with it
  4. xDDDD I am dying of laugher xD
  5. I think no, doing that could just "for the lulz"
  6. Already tell the guys in Black Mesa Forum
  7. Sorry Mxthe, I tried my best to look for his card and didn't suceed lol. Will try again sometime since this game(It is worthy to be called a game) is so addicting somehow
  8. For me, I always get to a dead end, back facing way. Pull my pistol out and taking headshots. Saved me many times lol
  9. Edit: never mind. Found it.
  10. Start watching from 10:00 and I bet you will have some good laugh
  11. No, it is spirit of the Charles lol. If you know Spike and Barley. You would know what am I talking about.
  12. Aren't his wife is Japanese?
  13. Shit, now you remind me of that. I am scared to play the future chapters now.
  14. Dude! I hope I have a good mic and I will do it.
  15. The guy think "Goodbye..." when he put "her" stuff in the trash can, how deep does he love "her"...
  16. I love the haunting, remind me of Silent Hill 4: The Room. The list of haunting I see so far are below. seeing them are really making my hair stand. Good job on this mod, mate. (Are the spoiler working?)
  17. Hmm... Are Chinese needed? I may do Chinese.
  18. Why i don't have squad follower icon, when i play NH2?
  19. I love the amazing tales of squad leader. "This is where i stand, this is where they die!"
  20. I just have a orgasm after i see this thread.
  21. leeroy jerkin!!! *slip under gate* Goddammit leeroy.
  22. My possible answer for 1 and 2 is... Did you remember Johnson was dragged away by these fast zombie? Maybe Emily tried to keep him away from painful death even being rip into pieces. Emily did said something like "He is taking another life..." Which mean Remero killed another person.
  23. You suck fu**, she dead.
  24. List them out, i would like to see it.
  25. Don't open my texture file! I warned you, goddamn it. XD