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  1. So I'm just wondering... I restart UnderHell a lot of times to replay the dreams. In the first dream you encounter a monster right after you read a note on the table. But this time, the monster didn't appear, so I took a flare with me and went out to the the lamp in the main room. I then saw the monster standing towards the light, and as a panic reaction, I threw the flare right at it, so It started to burn The monster started to whirl its arms while on fire (like when you put a zombie on fire in HL2), and then it died and... blew up. It literally blew up, and then I woke up. Does that affect something? 'Cause to be honest, It's getting pretty quiet in the house, and there isn't really any more scary events happening
  2. Blue interface. We should all be thankfull. Amen

  3. he is saying wtf right? u can't hear him No, but you can clearly read from his mouth movements, that he's saying What The Fuck
  4. I've started to wonder, if you've got inspired from the horror movie "The Grudge"? 'cause the scene, where the girl crawls down the staircase is very common to the event, where "she" crawls against you in UnderHell.
  5. I notice a scary face in the clouds This is a very clever unique feature to the game Wait, what? I don't see a scary face in the clouds (and I don't think there's supposed to be one either ). I think It's just the texture repetition ;D
  6. Can't wait Thanks man, that's all I wanted to know. I appreciate it btw, I'm excited about the last metal room in the Dreams Corridor
  7. 60?! Thank god, then I have a lot more to see So I'll just keep walking around checking mail and do the daily routine untill something happens? Or do you have to do something specific after that bathroom event, or has it nothing to do with further events? btw, the bathroom event was sooo epic, I was like "OH GOD, IT'S HAPPENING!!!". Then I ran around in the house and ran intro the bathroom upstairs where there was a SPOILER. Great job! Didn't breathe for 2 minutes or so x)
  8. Hello, I've been playing the House prologue for quite a long time now. I really love the scary events and I can't stop explore the House (Good job maaan ;D) - But really, I'm beginning to think, that I've experienced all the "non-random" events. The last "non-random" I've exprienced so far, was the night, where she got out of the bathroom. Since then, I've only experienced random events, like that door on the 1st floor shutting, as you look at it etc. However, I've seen some kitchen moments, where you actually see her (Link below) So I'm just wondering - How do you trigger these events? And how many different events are there?? (Really, you don't have to answer how many there are, if there's a lot)
  9. I found that 2 days ago, when i was searching for eastereggs :-). It's a great easteregg indeed! I've seen many people, who only have seen the corpse and not her shadow I found it because i thought the flash light item looked cool xD I took it with me because... I needed something to defend myself with xD Well, that's how i found the easteregg. Pretty random, though
  10. Video in case somebody is confused - Yeah, I've heard some of her speeches reversed Pretty funny
  11. Hey, at the very first Nightmare House, there's a black corpse in the grave.
  12. FUNNIH! Great video But next time you could you please cut out the music? :/
  13. This is like new Year
  14. I agree. If you're one of the exited testers, and there suddenly turn out some major bugs, which spoils the chapter, it will most likely be disappointed. And then perhaps, you've got to try another time, to see if there's other bugs and when you finally get to play the final, It won't really be the same It's actually a kind of a spoiler
  15. Go to the Blogs tap. On the top right corner there is an RSS Feed button. You usually have any kind of Feed Reader. Mozilla Firefox, Explorer and there's also a Gadget in both Windows 7 and Vista. You wont get a sound, and there's nothing that pops up (I don't know, perhaps it's only me).