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  1. Whoa, more than 20 eastereggs ! awesome Also glad about the no-voice-character thing XD
  2. Errh.. I actually asked Hen a question xP (prev page)
  3. You're right. Hen, did you make more eastereggs, or did you stop at 18? And btw does the main character has a voice, or will it he be like Gordon Freeman? Honestly i think it's best if he hasn't 'cause many guys would probaly dislike his voice
  4. My prediction: Mapping: 4 days Coding: 7 days Modeling: 12 days Sounds: 2 days So about 25 days? 3½ week? Well, it sounds pretty fair, when you're telling that is is about 95% finished Keep up the great work, Hen btw i really love the color correction, it is really an improvement
  5. 1½ hour, Hen said in this topic
  6. I would consider that prophecy to be completely correct as far as the facts are concerned but I cannot guarantee that the timescale suggested will be fully endorsed by the creative team. LOL, so evil xD
  7. Ah. It's alright that there is a combat section, and i don't say that F.E.A.R 2 sucks But i think that FEAR was almost more combat game that horror
  8. Exactly! The combat sections kinda ruined the scare :/
  9. Nooo! Jump scares are the BEST! XD I remember when my friend and I were playing F.E.A.R 2 and got a Jump scare. My nose began to bleed LOL, and my friend fell off the chair xD xD
  10. Trailer, there is few SAS guy. oooh, i see 'em nao. But kinda hope that it wont be like in F.E.A.R 2 where there's long non-scary episodes
  11. I am, but I'm not going to say anything. You're scary, hen D: But that makes sense, lawl
  12. NPCs im sure: normal zombies fast zombies fat and strong zombie the girl SAS guys scientist helicopter SAS zombie, like the zombines... also, in trailes i saw a creepy guy walking thru a corridor... just a zombie or a ghost-like new NPC? Picture to be added after i learn how to... Yeah i see those zombie skins, and they're obviously not the SMOD zombie SNPCs . But where do you see SAS guys & zawmbies?
  13. Thanks god! Keep up the good work!
  14. There you go, i resized it
  15. patience, guys, patience... I'm as exited as you guys are, but tbh, If you go through this topic, you'll find ALOT of questions about the release date. And some questions: 1) Will there be any improvement of graphic and/or animation, or will it be same as in HL2 2) New Weapons, or just different skin? 3) New Creatures, or just skin? 4) Will There we headcrap Headcrabs like in NH1 (I hope not 'cause they're pretty annoying )
  16. Do you mean this guy, from Nightmare House (Original) ?. I searched through The Remake, but found nothing...NADA! Besides that, i think you have a good point there. I'm not certain if it is the girls body. Perhaps Hen Mazolski just made him for a detail.