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  1. So I'm just wondering... I restart UnderHell a lot of times to replay the dreams. In the first dream you encounter a monster right after you read a note on the table. But this time, the monster didn't appear, so I took a flare with me and went out to the the lamp in the main room. I then saw the monster standing towards the light, and as a panic reaction, I threw the flare right at it, so It started to burn :holys: The monster started to whirl its arms while on fire (like when you put a zombie on fire in HL2), and then it died and... blew up. It literally blew up, and then I woke up.

    Does that affect something? 'Cause to be honest, It's getting pretty quiet in the house, and there isn't really any more scary events happening

  2. Release date will be revealed when the Teaser comes out, which means pretty soon I hope.

    I notice a scary face in the clouds :D This is a very clever unique feature to the game :D

    Wait, what? I don't see a scary face in the clouds (and I don't think there's supposed to be one either :o). I think It's just the texture repetition ;D

  3. The 60 events are very different, some are simple sounds, some are doors opening or "something" moving around.

    Some are more visual and very few work like the bathroom one.

    Keep in mind that this is the Prologue only, there are more chapters to come each with it's own version of the house with some new and different events, and some other cool events will stay.

    Can't wait :) Thanks man, that's all I wanted to know. I appreciate it ;) btw, I'm excited about the last metal room in the Dreams Corridor :o

  4. There are about 60 events in the house for now, and some have been removed to be kept in later versions.

    These events are not completely random, they are scripted depending on the time of day and night, of what is the position of the player, and sometimes depending on what the player did or not.

    I am glad you got that bathroom event, it happens only once, hope it was fun.

    60?! Thank god, then I have a lot more to see :D So I'll just keep walking around checking mail and do the daily routine untill something happens? Or do you have to do something specific after that bathroom event, or has it nothing to do with further events? btw, the bathroom event was sooo epic, I was like "OH GOD, IT'S HAPPENING!!!". Then I ran around in the house and ran intro the bathroom upstairs where there was a SPOILER. Great job! Didn't breathe for 2 minutes or so x)

  5. Hello, I've been playing the House prologue for quite a long time now. I really love the scary events and I can't stop explore the House (Good job maaan ;D) - But really, I'm beginning to think, that I've experienced all the "non-random" events. The last "non-random" I've exprienced so far, was the night, where she got out of the bathroom. Since then, I've only experienced random events, like that door on the 1st floor shutting, as you look at it etc. However, I've seen some kitchen moments, where you actually see her (Link below)

    So I'm just wondering - How do you trigger these events? And how many different events are there?? (Really, you don't have to answer how many there are, if there's a lot)

  6. I found one that I think noone else has found yet.

    I found that 2 days ago, when i was searching for eastereggs :-). It's a great easteregg indeed! I've seen many people, who only have seen the corpse and not her shadow :o I found it because i thought the flash light item looked cool xD I took it with me because... I needed something to defend myself with xD Well, that's how i found the easteregg. Pretty random, though :D

  7. Hey, at the very first Nightmare House, there's a black corpse in the grave.

    Okay so, is this true, or is it just some detail? But i think that Emily died in Romero's and Emily's house, and Romero buried her at their house just days after they sold the house. Emily felt that Romero has betrayed her, and "asked" the player for help, although she scares the crap out of us. Also, I really love the games ending.. In fact i love everything in the game.

    If the theory above is not true, can you tell a bit more about her? :)


    EDIT: Well, maybe i shouldn't connect the First Nightmare House with Nightmare House 2. 'Cause in NH:R there ain't no corpse.

  8. Beta testing really isn't that fun, if I were you I'd just wait for the final thing.

    I agree. If you're one of the exited testers, and there suddenly turn out some major bugs, which spoils the chapter, it will most likely be disappointed. And then perhaps, you've got to try another time, to see if there's other bugs and when you finally get to play the final, It won't really be the same :) It's actually a kind of a spoiler

  9. If I had the ability to, I think I'd go through most of this thread and delete every post that is offtopic. I think we'd get it down to 5 pages, instead of 40.

    Good call, and btw, wouldn't it be better if only administrators, modellers, corders, ect (Team of the NH2) were allowed to write on it? It would avoid alot of off-topic stuff. But in the other hand, the mod is finished soon, so there might not be anything to write here.

  10. Good news everywhere!

    Just some models to finish NH2 AND I decided to not live the forums after it's release! Ijust wanted to live because of that conflicts and Hen saying he wanted to ban me... But now that ilyas and Mahblack are gone, I think things are better now biggrin.gif

    Are you sure anyone care's. And it's leave. I use to live in Mexico and I had better English And Mahblack wasn't that bad. Arrogant.

    1-It was an attention grammar error, I know it's "leave"

    2-I'm not saying I didn't like them, I'm saying when they were here things looked like... "tense"? If there's a better word for it tell me smile.gif

    Yeah, try tension.

    always taking the shortcuts of words.

    Lazy ass.

    Logic, don't flame -.- . He was just mentioning that he was probably leaving. And he's right - Mahblack messed pretty much with people, so i understand that he says, that things has gone better after he has been banned.

  11. You guys know there are more kinds of a MRI machines around the world right?

    As far as I can tell, this is the same machine as the one you posted, but in the pic I posted you can see some more detail because it is more high-res. The only real difference is that some stuff are connected to it in "my" pic, and ot has PHILIPS on it. However. in mine you can see that the square thing above the hole is a small LCD screen, but in the (current) texture of the model you posted, this was just a blue mark.

    Just sayin'. :)

    It doesn't really matter, since it doesn't has to be a 100% proper model. And also, you won't notice in-game, because it will scare the crap out of us :lol: btw, i don't think Hen has the rights to use PHILIPS without asking (or perhaps he has the rights since he doesn't earn any money on the game, but still, better safe than sorry :D )

  12. It's an MRI machine, a medical machine used to scan brains and so on like XRAY.

    It also produces very strong magnetic effects (that's why it "sucks" the shelf in the trailer)


    And it was delicious :) btw did your team make all custom models yourselves, or found some of them? Glad you all liked the pic, i actually thought I'd get threaten of Off-Topic crap xD

  13. Sheesh man I'm just fucking with you out of boredom. Ban my ass if you feel like it... I won't be visiting these forums ever again when NH2 releases.

    Oh no.. You're leaving forums? wait... then why did you sign up here? And if you're fucking with people out of boredom, then why don't you just ... Brush your teeth or something ( Great examble!! ). And now please let Hen work and stop whining for the love of god...

  14. Wel, i can`t watch the videos right now because i`m in Switzerland in a hotel that has crappy Buisness Corner lol.

    Even through i didnt see the vid, i belive that it is fake. Just because an Asylum or Hospital or whatever, is abandommed, dosnt mean that the place is haunted. Yeah insane people might see paranormal creatures, but shiz, that dosnt mean that theyre real :P Some days ago when i was waiting for a plane in London Airport , i read some "Unexplained Crap" magazine with alot of stupid theorys and fake picures. Almost all of them were rated fake, and some UFO pictures were rated un-explained <.< Well back to subject - As Ruanito said:

    I don't care if ghosts are or not real.

    You don't belive in ghosts and you like Nightmare House.

    You don't have to belive in it to enjoy it.


    I agree :)

    EDIT: Sorry for bad english. I cant get use to Switzerland keyboards hehe