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  1. Well I installed Half Life 2 and Counter Strike Source, then downloaded Nightmare House Remake and put the folder where it needs to be in "sourcemods", but Steam doesn't bring the mod up (After I followed the directions correctly, I shut steam off while I applied that then logged in and out a couple times but Nightmare House mod never appeared). I read on forums for the console command of changelevel nightmare_house 1 or map nightmare_house1, but both never worked either.. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is that I need the original Nightmare House..
  2. I don't mind, but as I stated before I just want to play NH. But I will just go play some Deus Ex mods as I wait
  3. Lol, you are relentless aren't you....And when I looked up Steam to learn about it, I seen how it failed during Half Life 2's release due to people purchasing the game and not being able to activate it.. Looks like Steam took a big fail there.....Esp since it costs more to order the game on Steam rather than buying products at a reg store...Steam does not sound friendly.....
  4. Yeah, due to Steam
  5. I'm a huge fan of Derren Brown, anything about the sub-conscious mind deeply interests me...Its funny watching him manipulate people due to our instinctive reflexes (Reptillian Lobe). And ghosts are fake, Derren Brown owned that guy...
  6. I never purchased/played a Valve game before and didn't know it is required that you use it through Steam.
  7. Theres no need to belligerent here man, I don't know why you are taking such offense to my problem. I asked a simple question and I appreciate you helping me. I will go buy a copy of the game when NH2 comes out, but you should realize it is possible to mod games as long as its fully installed on your computer.
  8. Did you even read it with the quotations? I have the full versions of the games installed on my computer, I just don't have it activated with Steam.
  9. Wow! Hens a beast! The sheer wind power off the propulsion of his hand launched the guys head in the opposite direction. I am impressed, and that gif is epic all around! Hen beats the shit out of Chuck Norris. Indeed, he slaps mother nature in the face.
  10. Wow! Hens a beast! The sheer wind power off the propulsion of his hand launched the guys head in the opposite direction. I am impressed, and that gif is epic all around!
  11. Darn, that would of been a good idea too...I guess I'll have to give modifying this a shot..
  12. Will do Good luck
  13. Your awesome man NH: The Remake would be great too
  14. If it wouldn't be too much to ask could you guys possibly make a .executable file for Nightmare House? I don't see why that would be too much of a hassle..But anyways I'll try that iggle, thanks for all your help guys!
  15. I didn't "buy the games from steam" I just added them manually using the "Add a Non Steam Game" option. I haven't played Counterstrike Source yet so I think iggle is right. I am so interested in this game I don't even want to play Half Life or CSS for it lol
  16. This is epic, that is all..
  17. Heres a challenging (but realistic) idea that will scare people effectively.. Make a dark room/hallway with zombies hanging on ropes upside down and your character has to walk through them to progress. From there tweak a few ideas for yourself, I would suggest maybe a projection light at the other side of the room/hallway. After you have already progressed half way through the bodies (the room/hallway so dark you didn't notice) make the projection light flicker on so you can catch a glimpse of the zombies that you are walking by and swinging back and forth towards you... If you really want to challenge yourself make one of the zombies attack you from the ropes, or you can just put one on the ground that comes out of nowhere.. This is the type of idea that would scare me even if I know its coming I don't know if this is the right place to post this, if not sorry. Anyways I hope to try your mod out later, it definitely caught my attention!