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  1. my best games: cs2d,altitude,gmod,left4dead2,portal,portal2,portal the flash version

  2. Altitude is a fun, original multiplayer game with a bunch of cool unlocks and game modes. It's easy to learn and perfect for quick 10 minute sessions when you're busy, or way longer if you're bored. Very fun multiplayer action. Make sure to try football mode once you've learned the basics, its very cool. Free 3 hour demo: Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam (If you use the above links you'll automatically friend me in-game, if you hate me just paste into your browser) Screenshots: 01 02 03 04 05 This game is a ton of fun to play, small download, runs on just about any system, Windows/Mac users can play on the same servers. More info including trailer: please click on those links to give me points for new models! ill be proud of you! thanks!!! BEST GAME EVER! P.S: if you click the link you will give me 10 points. each skin/model costs 100 points
  3. here it is
  4. lol its awesome i just created a turret bomb awesome playground! but it should be better if there was a button on the menu "play multiplayer on playground" so we can enjoy playing this playground together that should be "portal 2 : multiplayground" xD
  5. i dont know is this important but i wanted to go to lvl 0 from lvl 23 i typed in console a command to go to lvl 0 so i can start again xD i was thinking that lvl 0 is the first level but when i get there i just found a ground without ANYTHING and some words on the screen... the text was zomgowned?! lol xD i was thinkin i just got rickrolled but if this is a bug fix it please or if its a playground dont fix it i will use it if you look better you will see a text...