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  1. Uhuhuh, a portuguese guy in echoes *.*
  2. You made a good job after act 3, ido could really lauch extended battles x) but for now, i just want act 2 *.*
  3. Nice to see you like colony, i love that game, better, loved, it had better times, now, most of the people are just cheating -.-' That idea you had is good, but you're making the game into a 99% Call Of Duty, and the only coder they have is Ido, i like the script, it's long but it gives the idea of the game, i agree with u, graphics are awesome! I think if the script could have a bit more of improvement, maybe a bit longer, not only 15 levels, a bit more, like >50, that script would be used to make a good 3D fps game, i dont remember who write the script, its 5* for a flash game, but i say it again, you wont make loads of money by producing flash games, so, the best thing you could do, with time, gather a small team of like 10 coders, 5 concept artists and some more that you may need and upgrade Echoes from a Flash game to a 3D one, but spreading the game wouldnt be easy, maybe starting a litle dema like nightmare house (never played... slow computer) and then, if the croud likes, move on to 3D game, maybe with some company help like THQ or something... Its up to you and your fellas, just giving my opinion , a bit reckless (A LOTTTT) but there are risks that need to be taken in life, and i see you got talent for that! Who could know that Bill Gates, a simple kid, would create the biggest company in the world? KooZ (its late and im sleepy, dont really take care of what i am saying here :b )
  4. Hey dude, Ido may have his own job, maybe to take care of his family and he can't always be working on echoes, i just had a philosophy exam, so im having a big headache... I know what you feel, subscribe blog news from WCS and regularly go to the site and armorgames.com, i think those will be the 1st places where the game will be posted, beside armorgames needs to check all the code and fix some codes that they dont allow (i've heard this some where, not sure if it's true), creating a small flash game is kinda easy, the worst part of it is coding all the units that the game has, normally, small flash games have only 1/2 class's, and those only change in the damage or life they have, kinda easy to do (i think ) but as i know from the blog, they're making shield carriers, that deflects damage, and this aint easy to do, there gonna be lots of bugs and stuff like that... When i saw echoes I at armorgames i may say i got a little addicted and went to the web site to check if there where more games like echoes to play *.* As I said, i know what ur feeling cause im feeling that too, but we all need to wait and pray for Ido and his golden brain to work Ido, keep on the good job buddy, regards also to Axel for his great graphism Keep it on guyz
  5. I dont really care about new things right nnow I just want act 2 :x
  6. Ahahah, I hoppe you really make a good work maybe some one pick it and make it anime ^^
  7. Sorry, i didnt tough that way...
  8. I didn't copied, Ido said in the blog he needed to spread the game, maybe this will help :s And it isnt my site... Its a Portugal game site, all most every kid in the ages between 8 and 18 know it!
  9. I didn't copied, Ido said in the blog he needed to spread the game, maybe this will help :s
  10. http://microjogos.com/ http://www.microjogos.com/jogos/echoes-operation-stranglehold-8771.php After 1 month from my request, the site owner posted the game Have Phun
  11. I know i want to test I check the site every week, see if there is a release date, or if Ido post something on the blog, i receive an email. I think I won't miss the realise time :b The quality of Echoes is very High, i know that... And my computer too unfortunatly, it's not a good one and kinda play a bit a sloooow :s (Low Quality FTW)
  12. Will any thread influence the release date ?
  13. Hey echoes addicteds I want to remember Ido that tomorrow starts December and somme one once said Act II would be in xmas time i want a release date timeeee I dont know why, but i kinda like this game *.* Soooo... Put tha bomb timer in tha sitehh :x
  14. You die 5 times from a stupid c4 fly?
  15. We're just giving ideas away! It's fine if that dont came on act 2, but, could be in act 3, if you want, you can change the topic name if you want ^^