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  1. Why look at the survival time ? Why not look at the Hybrids killed ? My personal best is 2892.
  2. My record is 37:03 minutes
  3. only thing thats kinda buged is mortar of enemy.On example i build zookas=vs tanks,Riflemans=vs riflemans and litle creatures and melle dudes=vs everithing, and i build lots of them and sendem to one side and they die (i am on other side kiling enemies) and that is becouse of mortars maybe its too much damage or too big radius of explosion of them.No complains on tank becouse there is anti tipe (zooka) BUT for mortars there is no anti tipe acept you ofc. . . . maybe tank xD ?But dont bother to repair that i know its not bug i think . . .just work on act 2 if i culd donate you mony i wuld becouse your game is more then a flash game for me .
  4. The game is very good but its too easy for me even the survival is too,and its kinda short but story is exelent . . . anyways when will act 2 come out will it have multiplayer ? It wuld be great to fight base to base or something like that.Maybe not multiplayer but base to base wuld be very fun, like enemy builds units too.Not like survival that got me bored xD.I mean act 2 is going to be better and everithing so i m just sugesting.(Multiplayer) base on base wuld be very fun for me and i wuld never even ask when will act 3 come out.