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  1. Thank you iggle! That's exactly my point. All I was trying to point out in my other post was the fact that people who do not download portal through steam have to install the map pack a different way. I was just trying to help.
  2. Hey, so what if I got Portal for free? It was offered for free on Steam back in May before I even knew about Portal. I'm not gonna go and pay for something that was free. That just doesn't make sence in my honest opinion. Honestly, would you go and pay 20 bucks for something that was once offered for free? I dont think so. Sorry, but that's not the way I am. Feel free to remove this topic if it bothers you that much.
  3. Ok, hold on a second! I just figured out what I did wrong. I just realized my copy of Portal was not downloaded via Steam, even though I use Steam to run it so I can unlock achievements. As it turns out. Putting the files in the Steam location was completely useless, as that was not where the game was being run. I had to put the files to the original location where I downloaded portal, not the Steam location. For me, the folder location was this: Bobby/Downloads/Portal Portable/portal Maybe this is the problem some other people on this forum were running into. Apparently, putting the files into the Steam location only works if you got Portal through steam. If you downloaded via another source (like me), it has to be put in the original location where the portal files are. Thanks for your help Hen7, even though it really didn't help.
  4. Oh and Hen, do u mean the bns or bsp file?
  5. @ NeatNit: I only have 1 copy of Steam installed. No, I did not create ANY folders. The only folder I created was 1 to temporarily put the 4 flash map pack folders before copying and pasting them to the correct location. @ Hen7 Umm... what do you mean put it in the console? I know exactly whick file you're talking about, but I dont know what you mean by "put it in the console."
  6. Hey guys. I really didn't want to clutter the forums here with another "I cant get this thing working" topic, but after looking at just about all of the other topics here, I still have the problem of the map pack not showing up under bonus maps when I start the game. I followed the instructions clearly and pasted the 4 folders into the correct path. For me its: Computer/HP (C:)/Program files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/ninjabob0521/portal/portal That is the EXACT location where I put the 4 folders. As a matter of fact, I tried doing it a few different ways, all of which were unsuccesful. I tried extracting the 4 folders there, copying and pasting the folders there, all to no avail. To show that I have the correct file path, I'll post a couple of other files that are in the same location. Computer/HP (C:)/Program files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/ninjabob0521/portal/portal/maps/portaltfv1.bns Computer/HP (C:)/Program files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/ninjabob0521/portal/portal/materials/models/props/de_nuke Because all of the folders and files are in the right place, I dont know whats wrong. If anybody has any tips or at least any kind of information that could be helpful, PLEASE post it. I really want to try out these levels and enjoy them. Thank you in advance.