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  1. I dunno. but i can.
  2. So i saw this has been brought up before. Will there be Multiplayer in the next Echoes? hmm Ido? If there is i shall be the first to start a Clan muhehe we shall rule the online Echoes Universe >:] And if there is multiplayer what features would you guys want in it?...
  3. Wow as much as i love Echoes. It seems i suck at survival mode. No wonder i cant get past the fourth stage. 8:37...sad....
  4. your writing was kinda confusing Lol? This is my first post and i just wanted to say hi All But yeah the mortar dudes would kill my troops faster than the tank would...pretty crazy eh? And about the base-to-base idea, really awesome if it can support up to 4 players a map. (2 UEN, 2 Hybrid Pantheon) Itd seem like Colony...only Echoes is way better