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  1. Anyway this last post of Echoes about Act 2 i got to say that it is awesome and I got alot of more question about it and one of them is: Are you gonna post a demo of Act II? (u most be gonna lock it again....)
  2. Wait you're living in Israel?


  3. If there is codes for make a character walk the there is codes to create a online servers? and if there is then why dont you try it first and then bublish it. oh and can you change the stuff of dem in Act II? plz awnser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or respond...
  4. It looks like you puking (no offense)

  5. Yeah I'm suck realy bad

  6. As soon it will come then sooner we play it right? And if it will be soon then is this something about Jenuary or holidays? Anyway I still think thats good enought!
  7. So I was wondering if all of the cheracters can seat down/throw a grenade then why Dem can't do these 2 things? Are you gonna change it in Act ll or in Act lll Yeah and by the way is it hard to do a game in flash? Please awnser !!!!
  8. How much more we need to wait? im tierd to wait for act 2 and also can you tell us how much did you progressed?
  9. http://img405.imageshack.us/i/doubley.jpg/ I did like 16:43 first time play
  10. Umm...what can I say? Echoes is an awesome game... but there is only 1 thing I wanna ask: how you get all stats?what each of they mean? plz awnser how to get every medal...
  11. THeres NO F**king Multiplayer in ACT II !!! wich isnt a bad idea..
  12. What did you used for creating the game... Beacuse I know you can't create a game with flash or whatever,cuz you need a team for it like you know producer A guy who draw those stuff.. and others so - How did U create it?
  13. You know i was wondering wich program are you guys used beacuse,there is a lot of game creating programs and i dont think you used one of them. So...What program have u used? And if you wanna know why,then if i can post it we all can create are own games like echoes,or the breach...
  14. So I read the question about the multiplayer and thought is it gonna be only by your soldier or with the base? Is there going to be you know like TDM?DM?CTF?Racer all kind of stuff or like zombie infection? And I think it will be awsome to play teams,or zombies attack? so please awnser..
  15. LoL your picture is black and empty :P