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  1. It can't take three hours to upload a 300 MB just wanna see us suffering...
  2. I don't take it as a solid fact. I just wanted an estimate and you gave me one. So, thank you! An estimate date just gives me a better imagination about the current project status.
  3. Probably a stupid question, because it's a matter of everyones personal point of view... But I was very disappointed by most modern horror games nowadays (as FEAR 2 or Dead Space), why I am really looking forward to NH2. So, will NH2 have a good fear factor?
  4. If everything is done, excepting to fix minor bugs, how likely...just kidding. But seriously, everything seems to come to an end now, so it would be nice to get an estimate for a release. Wasn't my intention, sorry! I just wanted to know, when everything will be done...
  5. If everything is done, excepting the coding part, how likely is the case, that the mod will be released this month?