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  1. Great game, loved the humor also... "so cold you'll shit bricks," "the game," "gotta go drain the worm" etc. Also the swat team members all had likeable, believable personalities which made them a great addition. Also the weird changing room effects were awesome, as well as the chapter with all the mannequins that would suddenly just be facing your direction. In other words, GOOD JOB! Also there should be an easter eggs thread!
  2. if (!nh2released){ wasteAwayPressingF5(); } else{downloadNH2();}
  3. It's Java... And there is no need to code in assembly unless you are a huge masochist and want to swing your giant coding dick around.
  4. Oh, and also, here is some code humor for those of you who get it... public Mahblack makeNewMahblack(Mahblack mah){ if (mah.banned){ counter++; mah.signOut(); Mahblack newMah = new Mahblack(); newMah.setName("Mahblack" + counter); return newMah; }else{ return mah; } return mah; }
  5. Yes, that Mahblack fellow certainly was tenacious, if nothing else. Yet, let us not worry ourselves with nostalgia, as the release of the fabled Nightmare House 2 impends. Indeed, its completion shall silence even the most effervescent among us - the mindless release zombies, the doubters, and even the trolls. Let us remember that this is a time of infinitesimally brief darkness - and that it, too, shall pass, to be relegated to a distant corner of memory, to be outshone utterly and completely by the marvel our lord and savior Hen is sure to - nay - has promised to bestow upon his faithful followers.