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  1. hen missed my message , i loved the part where all the mannequins kept appearing and following you there was a ton of subtle things i recognized. like there's a bunch of them blocking you in a hallway with a door behind them and they are facing you, then you jump over them and i turned around they were still facing me! also the man that turns into the mannequin actually blew my mind i was like "oh a friend at last, want me to unlock the door? ok" (unlocks door) "so how have you bee-" (mannequin) "FFFUUUUUUUUU"
  2. Hello, Ive been watching this mod for a year and not posting because id only annoy you with my "is it done yet?" bull-crap. I'm posting now though because this mod exceeded my expectations and believe me they were high. i loved the storyline, it kept me gripped with its inspirations clearly from other games, (mannequins, girl from fear etc.) i have only one complaint the voice acting, on men characters specifically. They are all done by the same guy and some lines are kinda cheesy enough to pull me out of the fear but the woman on the intercom was delightful thank you for attempting and succeeding in creating a mod that was actually scary, at least it scared me was fucking awesome, I'm telling all my friends about this mod and got one of my friends to announce its release on his website