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  1. Dear NH2 Development team, When Nightmare House released in 2005 I was amazed. Never had I seen something like this. An actually SCARY modification for Half-Life 2! To this date I had played it a total of 43 times. Don't ask why but I've been counting. I took it as just a random cool thing and never thought the creator would make another one. Imagine my suprise in 2008 a while after it's release when I saw the Remake! In no time at all I was hooked, induldging every detail I could. Now again, 2 years later I found myself on this forum 3 weeks ago, flabbergasted to find that there was a Nightmare House 2 and that it was almost released! I quieted myself and watched from the shadows for a month waiting. The wait was worth it. Hi there, and congragulations on the release of Nightmare House 2! I made a forum account with the specific purpose to write this response. I must say I am amazed, not only by the mod itself, but the pure effort and work you have poured into this project. Not only have you done so extremely well, but you have done it for the enjoyment of others; and that is something you rarely see these days. I have no doubt that any mod even half as well made as this one would not be for free. You gave us so nightmare house 2 and ask nothing for but thanks in return. You have earned the respect and admiration we fans give to you, not just because you are the creators of the mod, but because you listen to them, and ask them for help directly. Believe it or not, I read every single post on the "Ideas" thread and in the first five minutes of playing through NH2, I saw at least 4 concepts that had been given by the community here. You all are an inspiration for those around you and I hope that you fully understand the appreciation that we have for you and what you have given us. Hen Mazolski - Hen, most amazing job with the mapping, was so much more then I expected and thank you for bringing this all together. Also the patience you had with some forum members is envious. Harry ".eXeC!" Jeffery - Without your hard work this masterpiece would surely of never come to place. Your sense of humor helped too I guess. Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones - I have played many, many mods in my time and never have I seen the use of so many custom models come into play. This addition and your expertise in making it happen made the mod all the much better. Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo - I don't know much about faceposing scenes but I would love to know what you do. I felt astonished by the stunning realism of the characters actions. P.S- Are you still working on that secret machninima series of yours? I'm a big fan of your work. David Kingery and Danielle McRae - The voices were oh so believable and added atmosphere and color to an already fascinating script. Yoav "Koolfox" Landau and Aidin Ashoori - The music scores and additional sounds gave an eerie sense of suspense and creepiness to this survival horror. Ido Tal - I love you. Beta Testers - You lucky bastards. Thanks for going through the bugs so we didnt have to. I know not all of the team are listed and not all of them are on these forums, I don't even know if this will be read. Regardless of these details the fact remains that I am extremely thankful for the work called Nightmare House 2. If it's the wrong thread to place this, you can delete it and apologies. Your huge fan, Jkbloo