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  1. Read the first spoiler tag in my post, above Hens last post.
  2. Another guy here registering just to tell you, Hen and company, that this is by far, the best and most polished mod I've ever had the joy(or terror?) to play. Infact, I would easily go so far as to say this is the greatest horror game I've ever played. I only found out about this mod sometime after the steam update and redesign, through the series of videos Renkeki did, i'd never been so scared and laughed so much in my entire life. I stopped after his first video to try this for myself without any spoilers, but steam screwed up mods, so that wasn't happening. The amount of hype I've had waiting for this must be nothing compared to however long it is some of the folks on these boards have been waiting. Anyway, the mod itself! There are so many moments in this that i love, the part where the walls close in on you, then you look up and the girl is there, holy crap, I shat more brix there than i have in my entire life time. And the manequins, when i saw the swat member through the window, then i went through the door, that was so creepy. The choice at the end you get, its been said before but its amazing to find that kind of depth in a mod. There are no words to described the amount of praise this mod, and everyone who worked on it deserves! I have a few questions that left me thinking, wait, what about this!? at the end so hopefully you guys can bring me some closure. 1. The zombie hospital chicks, who locked you in a room one time, and that appeared in the morgue, whats going on there? Are they with the girl, were they doing us harm? 2. The shadows, who/what are they and where did they come from? 3. I kept getting hit by nothing and losing like 5 hp at random sections. I'd get the red hit marks on the screen sides, then id look around and there'd be nothing in sight. I think it happened mostly when i thought the girl would appear, I remember one or more times it definately happened was in the manequin section. What was this? I think i have more questions but i can't think of anything else right now. I've managed to find At least 3 easter eggs so far, Ill put the locations of the first two in spoiler tags if you want to find them for yourself, the last ones kind of hard to mention without revealing its location. Hens portrait The Announcer