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  1. I just finished the mod not 5 minutes ago and I just registered just to say HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I don't even know who really made this mod because as soon as the credits started rolling I started steam-messaging all my friends telling them how fucking incredible this mod is. Seriously, MINERVA hasn't got SHIT on this mod. It's just... Holy shit, it's awesome. To whoever made this, THANK YOU for making this. It was awesome. I... I love you... No but seriously, this mod has it ALL. This is like what FEAR 2 should have been. It's got fucking scary moments at the beginning, and fucking badass moments in the middle with the SWAT members, and I actually started to seriously care about the swat guys, which no other mod has done so far - Made me actually give a shit about what happens to the characters. I cared so much, actually, that as soon as I saw that crazy SWAT guy aim his gun at the leader, I was like YOU'RE NOT KILLING HIM MOTHER FUCKER and I shot him and had to restart that part, LOL. And at the end, it was just awesome for me - Because even though the "enter your mind" parts was scary as hell, especially the mannequin one, I had a kind of grim determination to stop Romero, and because of it IT JUST FUCK GODDAMMIT THIS MOD IS AWESOME. I also loved all the references... I mean, Doctor Romero is obviously a tribute to George A. Romero, and there's so many things that the scientist says that are funny. (Look at me still talking when there's science to do) The only thing that would make this mod the greatest mod of all time, is if the SWAT guys at one point said "it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum." Seriously. Guys. Totally should've put that in, just for the sake of putting it in. And I love how the swat team like, slowly loses all its men. It makes it that much more epic when you're the last guy left and you go down to Romero's place. I was seriously like, talking to myself when I was going down the elevator - Like "YOU KILLED THE SERGEANT GUY, AND I'M GONNA USE HIS SHOTGUN TO KICK YOUR ASS BITCH." Like, actually getting myself pumped up to beat him. I could seriously go on about this, but... I'm gonna go replay it. See ya.