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  1. Just played through the game and I was extremely impressed. Most horror games don't seem to even grasp the genre yet you've created a stunning game and with a very small team. I am very thankful for all the hard work you've put into the game and I hope for nothing but success for you in the future. However, I do feel there are a few things that could be improved upon. First, and this is a rather small one, I felt the ending to the prologue was a little unintuitive when you had to run back out to your car. It's a little hard to see through the thick trees and would probably be improved a bit if the headlights were visible from the house porch. Second, I don't feel that the automated intercom quick worked. It never gave me the impression that it was playing automated messages. Maybe that could by making the woman's voice a little more robotic and revising the lines to make them shorter and more professional. Third, the "automated scare system". It's a pretty clever idea, but it might be more effective if it wouldn't replay the same scenario multiple times. It never replayed anything fast or often enough to hinder the experience and it never even gave me the impression that the scenarios were randomly occurring, but it would be creepier if the smacking only occurred once and the rest of the time there was just a random noise. Fourth, the rooms that changed the layout when you looked away. Again, very clever. It's also one of the more impressive things you managed to pull off with the engine. But the problem with it is I feel that once you know that the room you're in changes its layout when you look away it becomes too predictable. It soon turned into a goal to warp the room as many times as possible so you can progress. A bit of unpredictability would really make those areas shine. Finally, I disliked the end chapter to the game. To be fair, I don't know how I would of ended a game like this. Having a combat-focused climax in a horror game never made a whole lot of sense to me. But again, I'm not sure what I would of done different. But as for the story, I felt it needs a bit more to warrant the scientist trying to kill you, since through most of the game he's actively trying to help you and he only becomes hostile once he finds out the SWAT member told you to kill him. It makes perfect sense, but you aren't given much of a reason to hate the scientist up until that point(maybe showing a tormented soul or two would do the trick?) so it just feels weird that the game tells you to kill him. I did go after him the first time playing through, if only because the ghost begged me to do so when I was about to leave. Throwing in a scene that shows the scientist starting to lose his mind a bit would make him a little easier to hate and really help the story out. But as I've said it's an amazing game and you should be proud of what you've accomplished with it.