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  1. No, there are no errors. As they only have Custom Materials and Weapons. which are NOT loaded in, however the materials are. The thing is, the models are RESET for example there custom axe they have, it would be a crowbar. same with pistol etc.
  2. Even tho NH2 includes it ^^
  3. I gotta say, the mapping in this is awesome, I especially loved the corridor one, when you looked back, it had closed in on you etc. Thanks to hen as well for helping me when I got stuck
  4. Yes, it's glitchy, you can see each other as the BASE model, which is that weird grey guy, and barley any animations. You also spawn in each other at spawn. It works, however sometimes one of you will have to noclip. Also I noticed I crashed allot of times. however I don't think that was caused by multiplayer. I also tried in synergy, it worked perfect, you could see each other as a rebel, however no models were working, it was the default one's e.g the Axe was a crowbar, so we quit as it was not scary I have yet not completed it as it seems to crash, on level 3-4 I think it is. and on level 1 when you open the first door. Edit: also hen add me on steam, scorpion1543. I have some weird things.
  5. Check my topic, I found a way, however unreliable.
  6. Basically I have been wanting to make it multilayer to play with a friend on Skype. And I know many of you guys have also wanted to play it multilayer. Since this has not got a server browser or anything, you will have to do connect in console, but here is what you got to do. Also this is not perfect, as the trigger in the map are made for single player etc. Also, before I start, I have no idea if I'm allowed to post this, but I guess I will find out 1. First, locate to your NH2 folder in Source-mods. 2. open gameinfo.txt 3. change singleplayer_only to multiplayer_only 4. go into the folder 'cfg' then open autoexec.cfg 5. add on a new line: maxplayers 2 (or how many players you want) 6. Done! When you start your game it will automaticly create a server, and you won't be able to move (stuck on the menu) so do changelevel in console and change it to the first map. Ta-da! However if you die, it will say, cant save in multiplayer! and you will have to do changelevel again. If anyone has way's to fix that, please say