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  1. (I actually impressed myself with this little banner) After playing through several horror games/mods etc I have had a couple of ideas floating around my head which could or could not be possible to do in hammer (source mapping). Got a unique idea that you think will really bend the mind of the player, that you want to share with the rest of the community? The idea doesn't have to be within any sort of context. This just may help any would-be horror mapper who is running out of ideas. Post 'em here, and edit your post every time you want to add something to avoid clutter. (Please try and keep them original) POSSIBLE HORROR SETTINGS Fairground (House of mirrors etc.) Train Aeroplane END OF DREAM/SURREAL SEQUENCE IDEA(S) A door represents the end of each dream/surreal experience. When you are being propelled into the "real" world, the door seems to appear from nowhere. There is a strange sort of effect around it, it appears blurry when you look in it's direction, as if it's not all there. The door opens to reveal a blindingly bright light, the open door then zooms towards you, forcing you to go through it, the brightness goes down and you find yourself back in the real world, you turn around, and there is a door behind you, but it seems normal and is perhaps locked. *** At the end of each sequence, the transition back to the real world is represented by the entire world around you collapsing into a dark abyss leaving only the tiny bit of ground you are standing on remaining. Then, where you were once standing the real world then rushes up to fit back into place around you. GENERAL SURREAL IDEA(S) You are at the bottom of a very short staircase, as you step forward the stairs elongate and spiral upwards, the walls and ceiling disappearing into the darkness creating a seemingly infinite spiral staircase going upwards. You start climbing and when you reach a certain point, there is something waiting for you something scary, I don't know that's up to you. Upon whatever it is startling you, the spiral staircase seems to go back on itself, shrinking upon the point you are standing, and the walls and ceiling quickly replace themselves until it is normal again, and it appears you have not moved from the point you were originally standing. *** Quite a simple concept. A backwards world. Where the place seems populated and such, but everybody ignores you, they move backwards, do actions backwards and perhaps even talk backwards. When the player gets used to the idea of these "backwards" sequences, you can occasionally have one of these backwards characters do something like stop, and actually look at the player as if they actually know they are there, before carrying on or disappearing somehow. *** You are walking down a corridor and on either side there are portraits and pictures. As you're walking past these portraits, they explode off the wall to reveal some demonic hand trying to grab you, you start running, for these grabbing hands hurt you. The pictures are blowing off the walls behind you faster and faster until you reach a locked door, surely you are going to meet your doom, until the door bursts open and you are flung into a bright light where you are transported back to the real world.
  2. I may have neglected this thread a little bit, but coming back and reading that people are still using it and updating their posts is awesome. There are some really cool original ideas going around in here as well, so keep it up!
  3. Good idea, but for many reasons that have been stated above, it won't work. UNLESS they have actually a solution for these problems and have merely not mentioned them in the video.
  4. enterthedave was very good. I don't see why it couldn't have been added, it seemed finished to me. But hey, whatever.
  5. I don't think I understand what you're saying.
  6. I don't think the developers can determine the technical cause for your problem with the very minimalistic information you are providing here. What could help them is information such as but not limited to; Console logs System specs Have you run and exited Episode 2 first before running NH2? Are there any other sort of glitches that you can see before the initial crash? (sound ripping, missing textures, ERROR models
  7. Or, to elaborate a little more, perhaps whilst you're dreaming, you wake up back in the therapists office and you think you're back in the real world. But the world distorts, and then you DO wake up, but you are then never sure whether you really are awake or not. Or to add even MORE, the player is constantly trapped inside his own head, having multiple false awakenings, each one more realistic than the next, but there are little hints as you progress, such as radios playing hospital ambience or a heart monitor. Perhaps even characters in the dream speaking with the voices of those around you in the real world all of a sudden. Like a man will suddenly have a female voice crying at you to wake up.
  8. The final part, hope you've all enjoyed!
  9. Keep this thread alive people!
  10. That's because she's risen from the grave!!!!
  11. That was one of the funniest things i've seen in a while.
  12. What confuses me is some parts have more views than others, e.g. Part 4 has more views than part 3. Think about it, it doesn't make sense.
  13. -snip-
  14. I'm uploading Part 5 as I type
  15. Sup guys, i'm Trivvy, go by GeneralTrivium on Steam. I'm really glad you guys are enjoying my play through, I shall be uploading at least 1 part a day due to the amount of processing power and bandwidth it takes to render and upload these.