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  1. I must say, i couldn't imagine how much work had gone into this game until you released these maps, i mean so much stuff changed dramatically, hours of gameplay, ideas, styles scrapped, in order to achieve the best overall product. Of the early versions of the maps i must say the one that stood out the most for me was the coast, it just had that radically different approach that stuck with me. The first version of nh2 was weird and at first i thought it was cool but i quickly realized why you scrapped it. enterthedave map was interesting and well done, those mannequins can really be utilized well. Releasing these early versions has made me appreciate your work a lot more and its a shame that your probably not going to be going into source development ever again, i just wish you the best of luck in your future and appreciation for making possibly the best singleplayer mod i have ever played.
  2. Has anyone noticed the soundfile emily_reversed_r15 in the mod folder and listened to it reversed? Caught me off guard when poking through emily's voice sounds.