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  1. When we dont hear news about echoes we start thinking that the game has been abandoned or something like it. Ido could tell us the developing status-------60% in 4 months (For example) this would help us to make a prediction of the release date I've read Ido's and KooZ's replies @Ido I take out the lazy part (Didnt want to offend you) I just want to ask you if this "waiting" will be worth it? @KooZ Echoes also bought me here (Addicting, futuristic,brilliant) The worst part is the waiting part, Its like smoking or doing drugs (Addicting and once you have started you cant let it go, when you dont do it , it almost hurt/kills you) Echoes is one of the best free games i've ever played keep it on
  2. Im getting really tired of waiting, i mean we all are. To the above the admins would probably say something like: "Then do it yourself, to see how hard it is..." or "We're going the fast as we can..." But, Sorry i have to say this to you (Programmers of Echoes): Im starting to think that you guys dont give a crap about this game, but we(members) DO Im thinking that you give priority to other games-that's ok for me, but, you guys created this game, so you'll have to take the responsibility of it, and dont be like : "Do we have to Finish this game today?(lazy)I really dont feel like it, Lets finish it tomorrow"(and tomorrow do the same thing)-I hope you guys aren't that way, but wasn't the release date somewhere near Christmas 2010? We're on February and still no release date.I dont know how I got here in the first place, maybe i should quit,probably,Im waiting for a game that'll never come(It seems that way),THATS HOW I FEEL.(But you admins probably dont give a crap about how i feel) Anyways, this threat will probably get deleted,but i just wanted to say what we all think. FOR LAZY PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE TO READ: WE WANT A RELEASE DATE WE WANT ACT II NOW else: PEOPLE WILL QUIT THIS GAME
  3. I got that medal today (kinda of hard)
  4. some of my ideas to make the game better: multiplayer co ops or spec ops with friends more upgrades(Like an air strike) and add upgrades for buildings add rebels to the game,to make it more realistic add more units (maybe air units) add more buildings add more ammo add more weapons make "Dem" crouch add grenades
  5. well, if i tell then the admins will fix it right away,wont they? all i can say is that: the glitch is kinda of a wall (an undestructable wall) , the enemies cant attack you and they just stay there trying to destroy it so you get yourselfes a fortress between those "walls"
  6. well i found a way to survive forever,its a glitch but after 1 hour, the game starts to become laggy, because there are so many units on the field. (I dont know why , but i think im a bug/glitch finder)