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  1. I was poking through the decompiled map some more and I saw that the walls are func_wall_toggle entities. Looking on the VDC, it seems that these brushes are obsolete. The VDC says that you should use func_brush instead of func_wall_toggle. Is there any reason why these walls use the old entity? I also made a test map with both entities, and they both provided exactly the same result: They disappeared when triggered.
  2. will never set their status

  3. Hello This is my first post. Seems like a nice community, so I thought I'd sign up. Anyway, I played the mod, loved it, scared the hell out of me, etc. I've decompiled some of the maps to see how they work, specifically the vent sequence where the vents appear to change and bend, because I have never seen anything like that in any mod before. I was just wondering if anyone could give some insight in how to do that, maybe a small tutorial, as I need to use a similar effect in one of my own projects. Thanks for any help