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  1. It seems like Valve is even doing that for Source based machinima. They may like their community, but they want nothing to do with it. Especially release their rights. Oh, well. I still enjoy doing the doodles.
  2. Every week or two I search up 'Portal' in the App Store. I get Portal Sound boards, I get Steam community apps, and I get Orange Box Walkthroughs. The closest I got to a game about Portal was a game where you have to destroy cubes. It isn't very good in my opinion (it's called Portal 2: Box Destroy). So, I was thinking. Portal would be a great game to play on iPhone and/or Android. TFV is a great port of Portal. Portal: The iPhone Version!!! I don't know how difficult this would be, as I've heard that CS5 has the ability to convert .swf files to iPhone apps. Android, I hear is easy to create for, at least I've heard. I sketched a layout and traced a level from the Flash Version to kinda see what it would look like. Large: iPhone size: So, how about it? Maybe another title: iPortals?