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  1. Hey guys, it's been a year since I posted on this blog. And I know u are all hoping for good news..... But brace yourself for some bad news. My voice actors decided they didn't feel comfortable making horror/ death noises and seeing as I'm the one designing the maps/ levels from source SDK it's been a very long year. But I'm sorry to say folks even though I had such little progress I've had to scrap development of this mod for family reasons and not to mention my team bailing on me. Thanks for your support and I will post back if the mod submerges, but I doubt it
  2. Hey guys just a topic on my mod in the making called escape. If you would like a storyline please refer to page 2 of the nightmare house 3 suggestion. Feel free to give my any ideas or any feedback you may have. Thanks guys
  3. This mod sounds really interesting, I hope you haven't stopped creating this mod. Have you got anymore pictures or trailers for this fantastic mod?
  4. And sadly guys I'm still using my iPod, feel free to comment and give me any scary, weapon, character, environment, sound ideas all suggestions help. Thanks again
  5. Ok now that the story line is complete I can you guys a bit more but just enough so u will want to download the mod. You take the roll of an experienced special forces soldier that has no memory of his child hood, all you have is a necklace emblem. You joined the special forces when you were 17 in hope to track your family and find out more about yourself. When you joined you had amazing reflexes, could not be stopped and when it came to knife combat your sheer force was unbearable. You play when the character is 34 years old, the computer in front of you recieves a distress call you manage to hear only this " I will not stop... You will be cut down... Ripped... Shreds... Brains will be drained from...... Skulls..... We want what were...... Looking for" After a while you and your team track were the signal was transmitted from, a facility called Verge and there slogan "always on the verge of a break through" the satelite image of the place makes your character feel uneasy, you zoom in to find a odd drawing toward the entrance, it matches your necklace. You and your team travel out into a desert stretch to find the facility and when you enter it you feel as though you have been here before. Your team and you breach a mess hall and make a base there, soon the lights burst you draw your weapon un-natural moans any yells can be heard everywhere and then you pass out. When u wake up your weapons are gone, you can't control your actions, and you've been separated from your team. The only way you know they are still there is there yells and screams over the radio. Escape is all about survival, how will you survive?
  6. My computer has crapped out and am now using my iPod to keep you guys posted. I need some ideas on scary stuff like people jumping out at you, any suggestion is a good suggestion. I also need to know what you think of my recent weapon selection I still am open to some weapon ideas. If hen and some admin want to give me an idea that would be simply cool. Thanks guys and keep posting
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions guys it realy helps, now the story line is complete i am writing the scripts for my voice actors to use. I am just running over the weapons that will be used in this mod: Assault Rifle Pistol Shotgun Machete (thanks zigibagidoo) all the other melee weapon ideas were great but i needed something to fit, a wood stick and an eperienced spec ops soldier dont work out lol. If you have any other suggestions or feedback by all means feel free to post Thanks again
  8. Ok it has been postponed for a while, but there will be new weapon and character/ enemy skins. It will take a while to get started due to the fact i cant program to save my life lol. I cant reveal to much about the enemies all im saying is that the Verge company ran tests on people. just need an idea for a melee weapon? any suggestions?
  9. well to prevent my idea from visiting the recycle bin iwill create my own mod called ' Escape' You play as an experienced special forces soldier that recieved a rather disturbing message. The message said "I will flesh from your bone......drain brains from skull.....I will be.....death of you!!" You and your team track the message to an underground facility called Verge, there slogan " always on the verge of a breakthrough" It has been non functional for the past 3 years since there was a massice electrical explosion that destroyed most of the place. As you and your team enter the base you feel very ill, cant control your own actions half the time and start seeing your friends as enemies. When you enter the mess hall the flickering lights blow and when you turn your light on......... your somewhere completly different. Escape is all about survival, how will you survive? feel free to comment
  10. lol yeah, all good though. They will understand soon enough
  11. plus if she wanted your help why was she hell bent on trying to kill you in the first nightmare house?
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, I realy like to hear your feedback Ok, One: i know emily wanted revenge Two: I know she wanted you to destroy the machine Three: I highly doubt she will lick you and say you taste like raisens lol Four: Ok so the ending were you leave the hospital you do die.... but even with the endings for both of them the words pretty much fall out of your mouth.... can i escape? Five: I understand that Romero wanted you dead so thats why he brought you to the hospital Lastly: Emily is basically in his head helping him, But Romero was right..... he is just a tool. With that even more questions pop up. what is going to happen to him? will he escape? will he die? will he try destroy the place? Has emily given him powers? (i think he has powers, because emily would need to have given him mind powers if she couldn't enter the room until the machine was destroyed) What will emily do? Will it be like the ending from F.E.A.R 2? (jk) Will emily send zombies to cities? Will she try end the world for the pain that she has suffered? Will you try kill her? Will she run tests on you? and my last question What is her intention when she held her hand out to you at the end? I am not trying to be stupid here, im serious. There is no need to fire me, i just got some things wrong. Please feel free to add more and tell me were i have gone wrong. Thanks again for everyones feed back.
  13. Shame that, i had the whole story ready. Plus you did leave the ending of the 2nd one open for another game. Because either one you chose you dont escape. Plus you left alot of questions in the players head. What did Emily realy want? Why did she realy need you? What will she do with you? What is going to happen? my mind works around the clock to figure this stuff out lol, hence my nh3 suggestion
  14. hey guys I loved nightmare house 2, fantastic work. The best thing about the ending was either one you chose you left it open for another game. I have an idea for the next game, call me odd, but i have created a storyline for a possible nightmare house 3. The only thing i am saying now is this: You play as an experienced spec op soldier that has recieved an odd radio transmition from the dying S.W.A.T soldier toward the end of the last game. With static all you manage to hear is: "Send immediate he...... This place is gone to h.......... destroy the hos.......... do it now" and the transmition ends. Your team is away at another situation so you are to go only by yourself. You start the game at the front of Never Loose Hope Hospital exiting your armoured vehicle. The driver says that he will remain out the front and wait for your. Your first objective is to assess the current situation when things turn horribly wrong...... please post a comment. I would love for hen to read this and comment (admin will do as well) Thanks guys