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  1. Thanks Idol. Now let's have a look at what the game is strong at. 1. Graphics: best flash game graphics that I have ever seen. and very relevant to the game conditions. especially wires, houses and clouds. 2. Story: Deus Ex Machina, both means Hope in a hopeless situation and god from the machine. this single word explains all the story. nice concept. But this will harm act two if there is no story there. 3. Action: how you do it really matters. and there are a lot of things you can do with him. that's what makes the game enjoyable. 4. strategy: units are so so weak and useless, but (1) everything else is ready for a great strategy game (2) this is part of the story!! and I love it when I feel the story conditions in the game . unless if it's goning to remain as it is, in ACT II 5. Nice music and fiction. 6. All dialogs voiced over. not just texts.
  2. Flaws. these have really damaged the game-play experience: 1. It's more like a movie, not a game. great scenes, events, dialogues ... but so few levels. so few gameplay. very long dialogues that we cant skip! Suggestion: more levels, less dialogue an idea for extending the levels is more variety of goals. levels with time limit, rescue operation, bomb placement, sabotarge, death match levels. levels without Dem. scouting, spying and stealing. optional objectives (out of the main path or in the left side of sceen) that we can only do if we are fast. (boss fight was the best. survival is good, but not enjoyable.) 2. No strategy mode: I'm a strategy game geek and I've played hundreds of strategy games, but in echoes I have to do everything with Dem. Others are toooooo weak and useless. no medic, sniper, mortar, air unit, ... Suggestion: have a look at colony. resources are four types. each unit is strong against something and weak against something else. prices are very precise. there is NO usless or weak unit 3. no matter how much i thing, I can't come up with a new or creative, or even effective "strategy". this may be due to unit weaknesses. 4. I really love headshot in actoin games. It's very hard, but very interesting once I'm skillful enough 5. Dem has so much useful weapons and abilities that could become available in the game levels, but they are reserved for the survival mode. why is this survival so important?
  3. Bug report: 1. Auto run doesn't work. I have to hold shift forever 2. The game doesn't load faster the second time I load it in firefox. Caching is on and works for all other armorgames flash games. 3. In the survival mode, half of the enemies (who emerge from the left side) come and stand in the middle of the screen and don't attack!
  4. Hi. This thread is for ACT I feedbacks. especially: 1. Bugs 2. Game reviews. 3. Flaws: - things that their absence has damaged the gameplay experience - This is about ACT I, please do not post Act II "feature requests" - This was about Act I, but Ido just said it won't be updated beyound 1.2 and the feedback IS being used for ACT II I hope the thread gets sticky, because Ido tal said "We listened and still are listening to all the feedback" here
  5. I gave 10/10 to the game on armorgames. but there are two big problems with it: 1. I have to wait so long for it to load each time. and that's why I have only played 4 times till now. The browser doesn't catch it. and when it loads late, it stops on like 75% and refreshing cause it to begin from 0%. * 75% like right now * 71% again now 2. auto run doesn't work. I have to hold shift for three hours for such a slow runner to run 3. I failed to unlock anything in the survival mode. things just don't get unlocked. 4. what are the "Rage Quit" and that other achivement?