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  1. But Emily said it was going to be on the moon.... Now I'm sad
  2. Do we have a deadline? I found some problems with my translation... Gotta fix all of them.
  3. Before I finish, are we supposed to only translate the subtitles? Or the Closed Captions too?
  4. I'll finish the portuguese translation this weekend.
  5. I'll do this after I finish the portuguese translation. Almost there.
  6. Oh, so if we translate nh2_english.txt, do we change it to nh2_language?
  7. When you say "main text" do you mean the subtitles thing. Like, translate this: But not this:
  8. Well, the difference between Portugal and Brazil can make a difference, but for me, fine. Both versions would be great!
  9. Name: Michel 'stratofarius' Lichand Language: Portuguese (Brazillian) You guys got a great fan following over here in Brazil. I also think that translating it will allow more people to play this wonderful mod.