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  1. i indeed did. theres grammar and translation errors.
  2. *sigh* You are extremly late And there's many errors - even the first line - how that "can you hear me" somehow became "can you see me"?
  3. Here we go. russian closecaptions extended latin and cyrillic glyhps for "dirty headline" font
  4. Had a nice hour with it. Thanks.
  5. Yes and yes. In nh2_english you can find the name of the chapters an the weapons. But the chapters works only in main menu, translating them kinda pointless...
  6. Um, "Language" "English" must be changed too... or not? And, nh2_english ..?
  7. These lines written via game_text entity and you can't translate them. I know a way how to do this, but this requiring map edits. Just open every map in notepad (or notepad++, it works faster) and look for "game_text" lines. You will find "message" line somewhere near "game_text". Then replace first symbol in every message with "#", for example : "Hen Mazolski" - "#en Mazolski" Then create "en Mazolski" "Hen Mazolski" line in nh2_english and translated one in nh2_language. It's little bit odd way, but if you really want them translated, it shall work. With additional `200 mb.
  8. Not necessary. Already did it, including fonts and romero's log. But you could help me with fixing close captions. TO ALL: Request me any language-specific glyphs for fonts used in nh2, so we can keep original style. Contact