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  1. Not at the moment, no. When the time will come and recording sessions start, maybe we'll have room for extra actors. Not for the time being though.
  2. I love the idea, but as you said, finding a good dedicated artist willing to put so much time into it is a problem.
  3. He ought to make sure that the Dreamcatcher is not on, and then play through the dreams. After finishing the dreams, he has to cross the bright door at the end of the corridor.
  4. Hm?
  5. Those are things that we would want to fix. -Making sure that killing an enemy with a silencer is discreet. -Shooting at an enemy who is in Idle should do 2x the amount of damage. (Easier stealth kills) -Killing an enemy with a melee weapon while he is idle would make him die without screaming/alerting anyone nearby. Those fixes will hopefully be implemented in the Steam release.
  6. I appreciate it.
  7. Hey, that's very nice of you ViolentValentine, but the old 2011 Prologue IS still available in the download section of the website : Link still works, I checked.
  8. Less gore? Are you joking? In the old version bodies would explode in random parts. Now you can individually dismember every part of their bodies, drag them around and store their arms and legs in lockers. The blood is not casual, it's less exaggerated but still advanced, there are 3 types of blood decals, one for bullet hits, one for dragging bodies, and one for exploding heads (which is a blood spray that contains some brain matter in it) There are fountain of blood when you dismember a body, an even bigger fountain of blood when you blow an enemy's head off. There are dozens of new features that were not in SMOD and that are improved upon, namely the kick which allows to kick doors open, and was restrained so that you can't kick 50 times a second. You should watch these 2 videos. The slowmo is still there, what are you talking about ? It only triggers in specific parts, there was no manual usage in Prologue either. (Unless you used a cheat, which you can still do here, it's just a different CVAR.) The only feature that didn't make in was the leaning, and we do plan to add that eventually. Also, I know about BSNOOCH, and there is nothing anyone can do about SMOD without the SMOD source code, and that's just a fact, everything anyone does about SMOD is just hacks and tweaks, and it's still the old 2006 source engine with loading times over 3 minutes, there is no way to port it to a newer engine without the Source Code. The author started porting it to 2007 and then stopped, and SMOD is pretty much dead. Many some people will bring it back via some random fixes, but it will never be anything more than it used to be. So yeah, we abandoned SMOD and made our own game, that has features oriented around the game design that Underhell needs. If you want SMOD like fun, I recommend Bulletstorm PS : You owe me 50 bucks.
  9. GG

    This is the one :
  10. GG

    What do you mean "Mad World just dropped" ? You mean you think you heard the "Mad World" piano song play in the safe room, or what ? There is indeed a piano song called "SafeRoom1.6" that has a accompanying theme that reminds "Mad World", but it is clearly still the Underhell theme.
  12. Those trophies should also unlock Steam Achievements when the game makes it onto Steam.
  13. Are you sure you installed it in Sourcemods/Underhell, and not Sourcemods/Underhell/Underhell ? Make sure the installing path is right.
  14. You're welcome, enjoy the game.
  15. Wait, you mean you didn't extract the file? You need to extract the content of the .7z file with Winrar or 7zip Extract the content in your SteamApps/Sourcemods folder.