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  1. Yeah, but who will determine which translation has the higher quality? I think it´s better to let the user choose. Btw, I am 14 years old, so my translation is probably not the best one anyway.
  2. Hmm...maybe you can put the downloads for translations separately, I mean, not a translation pack, but you see in the website: Download translations: French: blablabla Spanish: Here you put the translations in a random order, I mean, everytime you enter the website you see the 4 translations in a random order. "Translation by Hero Of Time", "translation by flying ninja" "translation by blabla" "translation by "bleble", if you refresh the page, you see "translation by flying ninja", "translation by blebleble", "translation by Hero Of Time", "translation by blablabla" See what I mean?
  3. Woops, it seems we made two spanish translations at the same time! http://www.hl2spain....showtopic=48659 Cccccccccccccccccccrap. Well, I already sent the file to Hen... I don't know what to think xD But, can someone compile it? I want to share it with in a forum.
  4. HEY! I am NOT going to translate this game to spanish! NO WAY! Do you want to know why? Huh? Because I already did it I was contacting with Hen via email, yes Hen, I am Daniel. However, I can´t compile the translation, I asked Hen to do it but he does not reply me, I want to share the translation in a spanish forum, so can someone compile it for me? It is attached to the post. closecaption_spanish.txt