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  1. This is quite a nice compilation! I've gotta watch the whole video now ^^
  2. Unfortunately there is little I can do to help at this point :X I am not part of the development team, nor do I have experience with this type of modding, so the best I can do is recommend re-installing the game, and/or HL2-Ep2, but there is no guarantee that either of those will work
  3. Hmmm so this is the third nightmare during the boss-battle then? Is it possible to open the console after the game crashes? Or does the game completely lock up and have to be force closed? What OS are you running?
  4. I'm no tech expert, nor a part of the development team, but since nobody else seems to be helping as of now, I'll see what I can do You said the game crashes right as the third nightmare begins? Or does it happen at a specific part at the third nightmare? Try playing through the third Nightmare with the console open and see if anything meaningful is being printed out. Do you have a legit version of Half Life 2 ep 2? Have you played Half Life 2 ep 2 at least once? Have you tried re-installing Nightmare House 2? If all else fails, there might be a specific map you can load to in order to bypass that nightmare, but we shall have to see.
  5. Looking shiny! Nice work!
  6. Still working great, in terms of smoothness. Anything else you think I should be checking for?
  7. I'm on chrome and everything is nice and smooth. Looks nice too
  8. I think it's most likely due to the lack of a large project that the main team is working on. No projects in development = no posts about said project.
  9. I've had this happen to me as well, where one of the SWAT members falls behind and gets lost permanently. Unfortunately, since so much of the scripting from then on requires the SWAT members to be present, the only way to get everything working would be to restart from the last save where all the SWAT were accounted for. Just make sure not to make any mad dashes through the warehouse, and stay with the SWAT members at all times and there shouldn't be any further issues.
  10. If there is it should take place on the moon. References aside, the standing decision has been a no.
  11. Wow, give your graphic designer a cookie, those look really impressive! What kind of game are you going to be aiming for in terms of gameplay and genre?
  12. But what good are rifles on the moon? All references aside, I thoroughly enjoyed your playthroughs posted so far, and will definitely keep watching! I always jump when a new NH2 playthrough pops online, I've watched many for research of my own horror game, and yours is definitely high on the list ^^ Hope to see more soon!
  13. Another update! A couple new areas were added, for those of you who have been playing along, press L and 8 to jump to the new areas. Not completely finished, as much of the finishing details still need to be added, but hopefully workable ^^ Working on a brand new enemy as well that should hopefully be pretty terrifying
  14. I'm curious as to how all the scripted sequences would pan out?
  15. Oh noes D: Status Update Spam!