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  1. ***UPDATE*** I found someone who may help me with the mod, but he thinked at a different storyline so we will need to make the two storilines blend. (with blendtec total blender). Just that, I will anyways need some other persons, I think
  2. Hi all, as I like a lot to mess around in game folders, I did that whit Underhell. And I found two short sound tracks, one called "she's closing" and another one called "she's here!!!". Now, I assume they have something to do with Jake's whife, who in my opinion became a ghost or something. Anyway, those two musics are really scary, but I haven't heard them anywhere in the game... what the heck are they for? PS sorry for my englsih.
  3. Hey, I'm tying to carry out a mod, and it would be sweet if someone could help me... I'm talking especially about voice acting... (refer to "My mod: I need some help" topic for more infos)
  4. Don't worry, I appreciate constructive criticism anyway. So, the map itself is not big, but I tought that it would be a great beginning of a mod. The thing is that I don't have some random ideas, I have the "theory" (example: the storyline) ready, I know how the maps should be, what should the game feature, so I think I can make a mod with the map as a beginning. The reason for wich I havent provided much infos is that I don't want to say lots of things that may be changed/deletd or something like that. Also, I'd like to gather some people intersted because ,I say it loud and clear, there is no way I can carry this out alone. I mean, I can make the maps, but someone should help me with the scripting, for example. In conclusion, this is a proposal to make a mod to anyone interested, somewhat like underhell, that gather permissions and stuff from various authors. Before I publish things like the gameplay, screenshot etc I need to have someone helping me out. EDIT: This is a page I made to ask people to give me some help and to explain what I need. The FIRST POST will contain all the things I need and some infos about the mod. If I will get some attention, I will make a new topic with the mod's name (I hope to find a good name soon ) and more detailed infos.
  5. Hello everybody, a few weeks ago, I started making a map for half-life 2, then, in my spare time, I started thinking at a complex story about the map, and I turned out with having a whole mod plot. So I made the map better, added detailing, and such. FIRST OF ALL, MOD INFOS: The mod, cool thing, STILL hasn't got a name. It's a mod for half-life 2, in wich you are gordon freeman and you actually blown up the citadel of city17. However, instead of escaping to white forest, in this mod you went on a chopper that crashed in a facility... and then.. well, I can't tell you. NOTE if anyone has a good name for it, PLEASE post it!!! I think that if the mod will ever be finished I will bring it to wcs THEN, WHAT KIND OF HELP I NEED: I need someone good with hammer, but not things like effects, props, brushes etc, I know that. I need someone good with things like NPCs, noding, scripted scenes and face poser stuff. By this I refer especially to Hen, if he will ever read this... I MAY NEED A VOICE ACTOR, but that's not sure, so don't go asking me about voice acting. IMPORTANT: DEVELOPEMENT INFOS: Actually, I'm not the first guy that sees a few mods around here and says "OMG I CAN MAEK MINE!!!!ONE", I made a map and I think that I can make a mod out of it. The storiline is well defined, I know what to put where, so I know what to do. THINGS I NEED: This is a detailed list of people I need: Co-Mapper Feel free to ask me to become co-mapper. I especially need someone good with NPCs and scenes, but I appreciate other kinds of help. Voice Actor(s) I will definitively need a voice actor or even more than one. First of all I will need a male actor, then I will see if I need more actors or actresses Modeller/Skinner This guy(s) should be a medium-skilled modeller or a skinner. I say OR skinner because having custom models is surely a cool thing, but a few custom skins may do the job without needing any custom model. However, I may need both so.. contact! Scripter/face poser guy The mod should contain custom scenes, this means that I will need someone to create the scenes with the face poser. I'm not searching for a super expert anyway. Hen Seriously, I think that with some help this project can really go somewhere, so if you, Hen, will ever read this, send me a message on steam (steam username: see CONTACTING). I would really appreciate just an idea from you. CONTACTING: If anyone is intersted (especially Hen, I know he is awsome), post here and give his e-mail or steam username so I can contact him . STEAM USERNAME: blazer859 If you want, use Steam instead of e-mails. ON STEAM: I'll give my steam username if someone will be interested LANGUAGE: Actually, let's go on simple and use english (what a big surprise huh?), but I'm not english myself, so expect some grammar/spelling errors from me. NOTE Obvisuly feel free to ask anything about the mod or me
  6. yeh, you're right, modDB is ok. Thanks for the comments anyway.
  7. yes, I know about moddb, but that website is for any game, and doesnt contain many maps, it's more about mods. I meant an internal market with ONLY source games maps, not a giant hub like moddb
  8. Hello everyone, This is not a real "I create stuff" topic, but I tought it would be a good idea to post here. So, what about making some kind of "market place" in the wcs website, some kind of big hub where people can download maps for various games, comment them, and such? obviously when I say "market" I still mean free stuff. note: if you noticed bad english... well, deal with it, I'm not english PS Here is a very shitty preview of what I mean for "map market". AAAWWW how to add "spoilers" (stuff that only shows up if u click on "show")
  9. Infact I don't. I run underhell in Italian, so it's because of the language settings. Thank you for the explanation.
  10. Well, first of all, hi all, I think this is my first post. So, when I start up "The House" from the main menu, I actually get in the house and everything works, but, before loading the house, the "stress test" window from source 2006 base / lost coast pops up and asks me if I want to perform the stress test. Now for the funny thing. If I click on OK, it loads up the house properly, without performing ANY stress test. So strange. That doesnt affect my game as the house perfectly works, it's just a weird thing. Note that I have the latest (and, for now, only) patch (v. 1.5) for underhell. NOTE If you find grammar/spelling errors and that kind of bullshit, it's because I'm not English, sorry. The Blazer Answer ASAP (Please xD)
  11. what do your e mail has wrong? lol, I know it's to prevent spamming or something. Anyways, I could be a beta tester, I like giving tips 'n' playing puzzle games. And I can keep secrets
  12. It would be a great idea anyways (not to force you, just saying my toughts). I'd like to be in the bloody hallway with the creepy music with your voice saying something like "this is an awsome point, yeh. Nice thing is taht when we first realized, it was...".
  13. wow! the auto scare is even more sacry than I tought!!! great work Hen!
  14. just a thing.. why in the italian translation pack, in the first chapters, appears an italian subtitle that is not in the english subtitles, it says (translated) DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU and it keeps spamming on the subtitles board for 10 secs. Funny thing, if I look behind me, nothing happens. Some explainations?