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  1. HER NAME IS NOW: Betsy.
  2. www.soundcloud.com/bxmmusic

  3. Implying that it's Emily that is haunting him.
  4. You know I honestly have, Hen. I've been thinking about it so much. I think I might talk to Jeremy about it. :]
  5. What custom textures? The "Inquietude" that has been wrote on the wall was actually photoshopped on there
  6. Inquietude's Theme I'm not like every kid here thinking they can create a scary mod and think they're good haha. I aim to please and I aim to mess people's minds up. This mod isn't even 2 months old. :3 I've been getting a great response from people on the Moddb page :3 The storyline is still heavily in the works. I've been focusing my attention on making music for UnderHell so I've been slacking in my own department. Features: Voice Acting Intense Suspense Random Ghosts Re-playability Psychological Mind Fuck Awesome Sound Track (Made by me :3) Screenshots! I'll keep in touch ;]
  7. Kudos sir. Kudos.
  8. WELL IT LOOKS LIKE THERE'S SOME SILLY SHENANIGANS GOING ON HERE LOOOOOOL. Let's all fight at each other. VERDEFLASH YOUR MANDOLIN SOUNDS LIKE SHIT. No but seriously. Mandolins are the fucking shit. They're so badass. I don't want to buy one but I can prolly find a VST for it or some shit. I wanna see your pea-cock, cock, cock, your pea-cock, cock.
  9. I create really heavy metal. 'Sup guys. My name is Brandon, I'm 17, and I live in my room :3. I love skepticism and critics, so feel free to feel like you're superior and you know it all. Or be one of those really badass people, and say stuff about my music that I really need to hear. (I.E. the guitars need to be louder, or the hi hat sounds like shit, or that my music is badass.) I'm going to collaborate with Yoav (Koolfox) sooner or later. When the time frame we're both online isn't so fucked up. Don't steal my shit and say it's yours you little faggots. I work REALLY hard on my music guys. Next to straight A's in school, this is my future life. Haha, enough dilly dally! (Artwork by Jacob "Waffles" Shettler) Title: Scavenger's Daughter Genre: HEAVY Description: This song, is probably one of my heaviest. For sure. I've recorded this song when I first got my UX2. But this recording was recorded the day after Christmas. :3 Title: Slow Down, Girl! Genre: Metalcore Description: This one is super inspired by As Blood Runs Black. Almost a direct rip off, but not. Haha, I'm original, but this song was after listening to their album while mapping. Title: Obeeeeese! Genre: Drum 'N Bass Description: I fucking love bassy songs. Everything I have is super bassy. ;D I have 56 other songs on my website! Feel free to download it and tell other people about me about how shitty or great my music is! P.S. I love you, Yoav.