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  1. My book fell free to make a mod off it
  2. It was used in a secret map in NH2 called this_is_not_a_easter_egg. Go in the console and type: map this_is_not_a_easter_egg lol i had that hat.
  3. Hey hen, when i was looking in the files, i saw you imported the pyro's beanie into nh2. Why? Was it for an npc, prop, or the player? Speaking of players, who do you play as in nh2? BTW: i f***in' love nh2. The mapping is brilliant. It's scary and fun, and it has zombies and a ton of easter eggs. It's right up my alley. And when you released the source files, i was so F***in', gos damn exictied. I'd love a co-op mod of nh2, or a mappack for it. ~ Stinger