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  1. lol I do its right below this one. :3
  2. lol already did. pic is from about 45 min ago.
  3. yea, just brightened it up a bit to be used for cut scene. made it look not so deserted any more and looks like it is still running hospital. but its gonna change lol
  4. well these are thanks to your idea, I am making opening scene when you walk into hospital. took level from Source files that were released. my mouth dropped when i found out that everything on the outside of the play area was not nodrawed. so spent 15 min finding every little thing to nodraw. lite up the room cleaned it up, and am now in the process of adding npcs that are doing scripted sequences like sitting and stuff and walking around talking. but this is thanks for the idea. cant wait for you game to come out so i can get the full story line. basically this is your opening scene of your mod in source, just with out npcs's but having some glitches with them right now. the game just wants to use random npcs and the male models are some are nurses and some are citizens but even if i change it to a certain one it wants to change to something ells.
  5. well we can work together or I can go by your concepts. I was hoping to make something like this. I kinda feel dumb not thinking about Dr. Romero turning on the core for the first time. OMG dud you just saved me a week of staying home sick writing a story line. but I think I can just map the thing out and I can take some membrle hallways and rooms and your story line into it. dud you saved me lol. add me on steam, steamid: Gurth my pic is like a troll face but its that old guy from HL2. some guy on WE CREATE STUFF made it.
  6. You sir have just completely rewrote my whole story that i was working on as NH3. It was going to be from the view of the swat team but i ran into many holes in the story that would make that kind of impossible. If I have your promission to do so I would love to turn this into a source game. this game was fun and was really good. I like.. no wait I F'ing LOVE 8BIT games!!!! I would suggest adding a 8bit version of the NH2 soundtrack.