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  1. Same with Underhell. It'll be greenlit in no time!
  2. You did too, you just told me on Steam and don't want it misconstrued though.
  3. Post screenshots that really make you scratch your head / laugh / freak out.
  4. Mxthe promised me on Steam that there was no mind fuck, and nothing is "just in his head".
  5. Well, I died twice, I did the corner thing as well. But I hate games that keep forcing endless hordes. It killed my desire to explore areas.
  6. Just to many for me to think of it as horror. When I stopped and looked at 30 + bodies all piled up on each other, just, I dunno. And the 4-Valve area pissed me off. Low light, low visability, almost no sound, AND hordes, and multiple attack directions? Frustrating, not scary.
  7. Yeah, what he said is correct. You get a part from the Piano and fix the Music Box, then it opens up and gives you a Key.
  8. Don't mess with the console in this. It's really not meant to be used - it can fuck your game up beyond repair and you'd have to restart.
  9. That happened in Prologue.
  10. Now Mxthe tells me enemies do not infinitely respawn. However I am at a part of the game, Maintainence, where they constantly spawn as I am looking around. He said 5 Hordes, maximum. I've killed 8. The body count exceeds 60 in this area right now, and I finally was killed and lost quite abit of progress. Anyone else had this issue? Also had enemies that do not go away when searching for you, which is annoying, making stealth useless. For 5 minutes this one guy ran in circles around the place I was hiding, so nothing I could doooo.
  11. Wow, who knew? We all knew Jake was special, but a mutant! Pretty freaky stuff!
  12. Yes, that actually fixed it, though it makes the flashlight seem faded out.
  13. Oh nice, I asked him about this, glad to hear there is a console command to turn it off.
  14. No, all settings are high / the same as they were yesterday. I tired changing them as well. No go.
  15. I played the Prologue, and a few hours of Chapter 1. Called it a night. Boot up the next day to explore The House some more...and yet, when I turned my flashlight on. Crash. No matter what settings. Si L oaded up the Compound and crash, because I saved with my Flashlight on. There appears nothing I can do. The game worked fine the previous day, nothing changed. All other Source games run fine, their flashlights. Anyone else, and your solutions?